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  1. Yeah I will definitely disables these from now on, though I really dislike editing the settings in this kind of game. The mechanic just feels like it really conflicts with the rest of the game which heavily focuses on freedom and choices, and it doesn't bring any form of actual difficulty if you can just cheese it by switching from caves to the surface or vice-versa. Unrelated, but pretty cool artwork on your profile picture.
  2. Is there any way I can block this guy? You're being extremely obnoxious by purposefully missing the point and trying to appear tough because you're one of the people who always harass developers to make games harder. If the player wants to stay in his base, why would he "deserve" to get it wrecked by a mechanic that makes no sense? Why should anyone be subjected to that sadistic behavior? The game is not lacking in dangerous areas and content, adding "invasive dangers" whose only methods of counterplay are all non-enjoyable is bad game-design. And funnily enough, the mechanic actually strongly encourages turtling and keeping out of dangerous places because you seriously do not want to be caught off-guard, so the waves mean you can simply stay in your surface base all the time, using meats from hounds suiciding on your tooth traps to get eggs and create meatballs eternally.
  3. I have learned how to deal with them, what you don't understand is that the actual methods necessary are not enjoyable game-design. This is not an issue of knowledge, it's an issue of the mechanic not having upsides while having lots of downsides. True fire hounds are a hazard, and I say worms are worse because I really like being in caves, but at least hounds health is perfectly reasonable, meanwhile worms have 900 hp each, a single worm has the health pool of 6 normal hounds.
  4. I've turned them off, they're bad game-design, and depth worms are even worse. No, the game has many dangerous but rewarding areas to explore, giants you can choose to fight, and possibilities of base-design and expression. No guides solves the problem that this unfair mechanic does not bring any upside but rather only downsides, by heavily restricting exploration and freedom (literally cannot spend too much time at sea without cheesing with unbreakable barricades otherwise you're dead the moment hounds decide to show up). When the only thing a mechanic adds is a binary questions whose answers are: - spend multiple minutes not enjoying the game, not having any kind of fun because you're fighting enemies who have no reason to fight or be there in the first place and do not provide any form of entertaining gameplay. - die. Then the mechanic is flawed and should not be present. You provide efficient counterplay, but is any of this actually fun? Either you cheese their spawning mechanic, or you spend multiple minutes kiting a simple AI. None of the scenarios created by that mechanic actually provides any form of enjoyment to the player, rather seriously harming their freedom by becoming the number 1 priority at any time when you would rather explore or create, replaced by a dumb and painfully long mini-game. Just like Kellogs, you provide very efficient counterplay tactics, but I do not perceive any form of enjoyment in the matter as a whole. I completely feel your first paragraph.
  5. To me this mechanic is extremely unfair, unenjoyable, and binary in its outcomes: either you're near a killbox and you win easily, or you're not and you're instantly dead. The only real counterplay thus is incredibly tedious: check the wiki to know what is the minimum period between attacks, wait until the attack happens, then only explore for an amount of time equal to that minimum period and instantly return to your base to wait for the next attack to happen. It seems quite suffocating and sadistic to me. I know they can be disabled, and I probably will have to because to me they are a failure of game design, but it still makes me feel like I'm cheating to change those settings thus this mechanic succeeds in needlessly inflicting pain upon players.