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  1. Been playing this game for a few weeks on experimental and haven't been able to play Day 4 either. Would really appreciate if someone could help out.
  2. I haven't found out how to fix it either :[ Real shame, I've had some sick Smith runs - just beat P7 for the first time with everyone. It's like, the only thing I have left to do is Smith Day 4!
  3. (Sorry, I can't find the edit button.) What the heck is the point of Rook's Battle flourishes? I get the 20 defense 10 concentration one, but his other ones...empty and fill the charge meter? That seems 99% useless.
  4. 1. How do I play the last Smith day? I'm on the experimental build, but it closed me out anyway. Is there a setting I have to enable or something? Or is it not available anymore? 2. Is there a master list of events and what the options do? 3. Is there a reference for who'll hate you if you kill someone?