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  1. I'm sorry, but no, that's not what happened. Every save on the PS4 is stored on its internal HDD, unless you want to copy it to a flash drive. Even when the game is installed on an external HDD, the console stores every single save file on the internal drive. THAT'S how it works. I never mentioned a missing save file. What I said is that the game was rolling back the server even after the saving animation. The save file is still there, but sometimes we lose a few days because the game chooses to roll it back on itself just for fun. Regarding PS Plus Cloud Save: why would the game try to load a save from the cloud? I'm almost 100% sure that this can't and shouldn't be done. Its job it's to load a local save, stored on the console, and NEVER from my personal account - which is managed exclusively by me and Sony and is made for backin up information. As for the host/client thing... we play it online, so it has to be the same person loading the server not matter what. Since my friend is the host, I can't play if he doesn't launch the server.
  2. UPDATE: our server was completely wiped out!!! 1498 days! We played a couple hours ago and everything was FINE! WTH HAPPENED????????????? It's been almost a month and NOT A SINGLE COMMENT was given. WHY DOES THIS FORUM EVEN EXIST??? Instead of giving us drops and skins, why can't you focus on solving game breaking bugs like this one?
  3. I play with a friend in his server (online) and we've been experiencing lots of errors, specially progress loss. The worst case so far was a 40+ days rollback. It was probably day 980+, we killed the Ancient Guardian and did A LOT of stuff. We stopped playing after some time, and since we had a rollback of maybe 10+ days in the past, we always make sure that I disconnect before him, so he can safely shutdown the server and close the game. When we started playing again and he was launching the server, he noticed it said Day 940 or something like this. We logged in and found ourselves in the caves, right next to our spot before killing the Ancient Guardian, meaning everything we did after that was lost. So we played it all again, making sure our progress was being saved everytime we disconnected. Last night, however, it happened again. We went sailing to find Malbatross, day 1030+. We farmed logs, pig skin, food and many other things. I got hungry, so we disconnected carefully and closed the game so I could eat and then come back. After opening the game, we were standing next to our firepit at the base, 3 days of progress lost. I know that we can't be free of bugs, but it looks like a lot of people been through this and nothing was done. It feels like you don't care about console players. I really love you, Klei. Been playing DS and DST for over 6 years, but this is really awful. Can you please try to fix this?
  4. A friend of mine created a "friends only" server that we played on for about 270 ingame days. For some reason, this server is now completely offline and we can't make it online again. We tried 3 different rollbacks, cloud saving import, USB save import. It didn't work. I've seen people complaining about servers becoming ONLINE, but not the other way. He asked me to post this here because he struggles a lil bit with english. If you need, I have his Klei ID.