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  1. The game loads *very* slowly, and crashes to the "crash screen" as soon as the main menu appears. All I get before the game crashes is perhaps the first second of sound. Like my previous entry, the game locks up my computer to such a degree that using the file explorer is essentially impossible. I would include a screen shot of what is happening, but I can't. I can't send you a crash report, since the game greys out into non-responsiveness. I can tell you that the current build is "FA-471618". Whatever files I send along with this bug report, is essentially all the files I can access: the game bogs down my computer to such an extent. I'm fairly confident I will have to do a hard reset in order to turn my computer off when I do so after I've sent in the bug report. DxDiag.txt
  2. I try to boot the game; and it appears to freeze in the loading screen, seemingly to crash silently. There's *no* hint at what might be the problem, the game just freezes, and holds on the loading screen. I am completely unable to turn the game off, turning Steam off doesn't help. In a whole, it appears that the entire Windows UI breaks. Trying to reboot the computer locks the computer into a "restarting" screen limbo. I had to resort to doing a hard reboot (holding the power button) for the computer to start behaving again. I unfortunately can't add any images or anything else because I can't use the explorer, not even Task Manager behaves as it should.