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  1. Here i am again. The game works fine until something die close to me and is about to disappear, then the game freezes and crash. Someone told that this could be some D3D fade shader.
  2. Só ir no no host game e clicar na pasta que ele abre o Cluster, ai só mandar esses dois arquivos. I don't think this is very useful, but the game, at least for me, only crashes when the mob is about to disappear. I have seen someone saying that could be something with the D3D fade shader.
  3. The game works just fine until something die close to where the player is at the moment. When something die, the game just frozen and close.
  4. So, i was playing today and my Abigail killed some bees, after that my game froze and crashed. And this is not the first time, some days ago i killed a spider next to a burning tree, after the tree burned my game crashed, without any sort of error. I'm thinking it's some sort of virus in my computer, but seems like other fellas have the same problem.
  5. Doing some tests, i noticed that with some configs in the game the problem "changes". Leaving only the Threaded Render active, i get a problem with the C++ Library. With everything turned off, the game just close when i join a server, and when i left the Small Textures enable, i can join a server and choose a character, after this the game crashes.
  6. Even after installing the game again, it still crashing. Takes a while, looks like it will work until frozes again and crash.
  7. Done that and nothing changes, don't show any missing files, maybe something corrupt. I will try to reinstall the game to see if this persists.
  8. Last time this happens to me was in May, well, when the beta for this update came, i try playing it and crashes as well. The only thing that i can assume, it is something related to the bits, since i still using 32 bits, or maybe other thing. Well, even my RAM could be the problem.
  9. After the game update, my game crashes after i choose the character. I was thinking the problem was only on my worlds, but even in multiplayer worlds this is happening, already have installed again the game, checked the game files and try to go into servers without using mods, and nothing works.