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  1. Unfortunately, they don't want to do this. So I think I must say goodbye to Klei.
  2. I have a Steam Account which is login Klei to playing DST. For some reason, I need delete my Steam Account and sign up a new one. Is there any way let my link my current Klei Account to the new Steam Account. There are many valuable skins on my Klei Account, if I create a new Klei Account with new Steam Account, I can't get them any more.
  3. So, if STEAM Account is gone, the Klei ID also deleted? there are something stuffs in my STEAM inventory, can't sell or remove, and steam support, you know, they've been legendarily incompetent can't provide any help.
  4. I playing DST on steam, so I have a Klei ID If I delete my steam account which I'm in use, then create a new steam account Can I countinue to use my current Klei ID with new steam account?