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  1. I've run through carnivore/locavore (but not with super sustainable) in my last DLC colony by breeding hatches & pressing mush bars. And I'd say that for the carnivore achievement some 4~5 stables (at maximum-1 capacity to avoid cramped) of hatches will be fairly enough. Personally I'd like to have a rancher and a cook for initial dupes, but that may be optional. The key thing for this method is to have at least 2 ranchers by ~50cycle, and build enough incubators (with suitable automation of course). You can check out https://oni-assistant.com/tools/ranchcalculator for the calculation part. Wish you good luck with your achievement;-)

  2. 2 hours ago, Gurgel said:

    Well, the whole queuing is difficult on the software side. One solution is to always have a combined digger/builder. All in all, this thing is annoying but not that hard to work around.

    Thanks for the reply.:bee: In fact, throughout my 250-hour ONI playing, this is the first time that I've printed a dupe with Unconstructive trait, and I'm really surprised to find that a seemingly "OR" errand turns out to be something like an "AND". This is fairly strange especially when you consider that other "OR" errands (as discussed above) work perfectly well. The solution, when a) creating a new world, or b) lategame when you have lots of dupes, is as straight forward as you've said. But for someone (like me) that do get himself in trouble (and also having difficulty getting another Tier 2 miner in a short term), this problem is somewhat frustrating.

    I won't mind if Klei tells me that this is an intended feature, as another downside for Unconstructive trait, and next time I'll be more careful. But the whole thing conflicts with the saying "Building OR Digging". This is what troubles me most.

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  3. 1 hour ago, pether said:

    I always search for reservoirs in gas/liquid menus, I never understood why they are in Base menu... The same could be said about normal/smart/dispenser storages, they would fit in solid category (currently named shipping)

    That happens to me quite often too, totally agree with putting reservoirs into gas/liquid menu. Dispenser also


    1 hour ago, pether said:

    On top of that, I really hate how decor items are mixed with furiniture. Those are two different things. Decor items do nothing, they just sit there and are pretty, while furniture buildings always have some functionality behind them... I would love to see separate Decor menu.

    ...but furniture, IMHO, does include decor items. But yeah, the furniture menu is a little overcrowded.:beguiled:

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  4. 52 minutes ago, Yobbo said:

    That sounds like a bug to me. Other "OR" errands still work if the other labour is disabled. For example the "cook supply" errand works perfectly fine with either cooking or supplying completely disabled.

    Thanks for the infomation!:encouragement:

    16 minutes ago, Gurgel said:

    For now, I would recommend to just do 3 tiles of digging, then 3 tiles of ladders. That is a lot faster anyways.

    Thanks for advice! In fact that's what I've been doing. But it needs micromanagement anyway, and it's somewhat annoying, especially when you don't get any notification about it. The problem happened again 2 hours ago, and it was not immediately noticeable, because it's, like, 1 tile of abyssalite with sandstone around It, and under the blueprint it's really hard to tell. It was when I set the errand at priority 9 and I can't get dupes coming that I realized' Ahh here we go again'.:grey:

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  5. So, when I'm playing Spaced Out! I run into something like this:


    There is a Construction Dig Errand which needs to dig up a block of Abyssalite. Checking the errand table I find that no dupe is available.

    So the thing is, I have a dupe for Superhard Digging:


    but at the same time he has the Unconstructive trait, so he can't do construction errand by default.


    And here's the question: a Construction Dig Errand it says "Building OR Digging", but a dupe that can dig and can't build CANNOT do this Errand. The problem has popped up multiple times, and every time I have to cancel the construction blueprint and replace them with digging errand first, and not until the blocks are dug up am I able to send other dupes to do the construction part. It's painful to have to micromanage like that. So I'm wondering if this is an intended feature or some bug I've come across. Any reply will be appreciated:cheerful: