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  1. Yea, just to clarify- I think the pod should be able to print things that are from other planetoids- just maybe not until they have been transported back to your starting planetoid. After that I think they should be able to be printed.
  2. So, to explain, I think there should be a different filter for when things are allowed to be printed. It seems that objects won't be picked to be printed until they are owned at least once by the colony, which I think is a good thing. Its just that in my last two colonies while I was setting up to transport in the first case, drecko eggs back to my starting planetoid, then in the second case thimble reed seeds the printing pod then offered to print the item before I had finished shipping them back using a rocket. I enjoy the extra challenge of having to transport one of these items back to the starting (swamp) asteroid in order to make atmo suits. Anyway- in conclusion I think that the filter for what gets printed by the printing pod should be based only on items that are in the starting asteroid or have already been transported there. At least for things that you are incentivized to bring back to your starting planetoid- such as reed fiber producers.
  3. The whole thing crashes whenever this rocket is launched. It closes out and shows the "a blackhole at my game" screen.