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  1. We got a game running last night with Wendy and Wortox, but about 30min in, i dropped a soul as Wortox and the game froze. My side of the screen popped an error message over the game, Wendy's side just froze. Sorry, i didn't get a pic of the error, but it was in a really tiny font.
  2. Same issues here. Any chance someone could tell us which characters are effected, to save trial and error trying to get into a new game? Ta muchly. Wigfrid main
  3. Ditto here, first time we've tried playing since the update. It gets as far as character selection, then crashes with Error CE-34878-0 as soon as we try to enter the world. English language. UK based. Crashing as online or offline worlds. Single player seems to work, with a non default world. Edit: sorry, I'm talking about DST n think I'm in the wrong forum.