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  1. Thank you for your response. No, only this world crashes when editing description. I understand that i could just abandon this world and start a new one, but i figured that i should try my luck first. I sent my save file to livesupport@kleientertainment.com with my nick name in the topic as i was not able to upload it here because of file size limitations. reference to ticket #86067.
  2. I'm a Russian player and my server description is in Russian. It goes like this - "опыт приветствуется. Без малышей! Микро есть в случае взаимного интереса." I don't know if the language is a problem or the length of the description, but I'm pretty sure that I did not use any wrong simbols that could crash the game. I play primarily on ps5 and I assumed that there could be a problem with compatibility so I transferred my save file to PS4 just to find the same problem over there. I really like the map and would like to invest 1000+ days in to it but I feel very uncertain to play it expecting it to corrupt one day after an update or something