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  1. When you're carrying something on Wolfgang's back while hes above 75% muscle mass he became invisible.
  2. klaus sack exploit? can you elaborate? because I just did it like, last week maybe, I think you're talking about rolling back before opening the bundling wraps right? but if you rollback before klaus dies you can actually farm for klaus sack
  3. if you exit the world and join it again while on a boat, the light will follow the boat when you move it, I don't know if it's a bug or intentional, but I'm leaving this here so do you guys know, this is a MIGHTY exploit that can actualy break the night if you're "boatbasing", since this light can't make you heat or freeze unlike campfires (which is what normaly players would use to light in boat).
  4. I can't enter my world either, I can create a new one, but can't load my main one, tried to remove mods and rollback too, neither work.
  5. was this fixed? cause I can't enter my 800+ world