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  1. Just launched a server with wigfrid normally, no bugs no crashes nothing, but still can't load the old 300 day server for some reason.
  2. Yesterday i tried to play but it kept saying "Dedicated server failed to start", developers said they're gonna release a hotfix that'll return everything back to normal but now i can't start my server, pressing "Resume World" and launching with the little dots as if it's loading it up but nothing, tried a few hours ago too, waited for about 5 mins and same thing happened, just keeps launching.
  3. You quoted him on "This will be fixed in the next hotfix" with a comment same as the title, i don't think i need to explain anything, it's self explanatory really, you're "looking for answers" so you quote his comment that already explains it, good one dude.
  4. Same thing here, a dev said it's because of a wigfrid battle helm, hotfix should fix it, not specified when though.
  5. Did you even read what he commented?