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  1. My Friend Tries to join my dst modded sever around 17 mods others can join fine but when they try to join it says "Old mods in sever the owner of the sever needs to update mods before players can join" ?
  2. thanks! But How do i find the folder it's in? I have the show folder mod but when it try to type in the id 1982562290 into search it doesn't find anything?
  3. no they are not also they do work oh ok sorry I am new to forms.
  4. Not sure if this helps but in the code of the healing salve i found this VVVV inst:AddComponent("healer") inst.components.healer:SetHealthAmount(TUNING.HEALING_MED)
  5. Is There anyway to make a custom disease that could infect players, plants, and mobs? Thank you
  6. In don't starve together there are forest and plains and things like that but. Is there a way to add my own? Thanks
  7. I didn't make them soooo idk. I didn't make them soooo idk. Also are you just saying that for no reason? it has nothing to do with this.
  8. I was wondering if I wanted to give a normal spear a custom attack like maybe throwing it how could I do that?. Thanks
  9. c_summondeerclops() c_summonbearger c_summonmalbatross() c_groundtype() c_setinspiration(n) Replace the (n) in c_setinspiration(n) with a number Your Welcome!
  10. for the charater wig the song meter has a command here it is c_setinspiration(n) your welcome!
  11. Hi, Is there anyway to add a setpiece to dst using a mod and how would i be able to customize it thanks!
  12. Is there anyway that i could add new mobs to hound waves and new charater speeches when these new waves apporach? Thank you!