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  1. Hydroponic farms newly planted with bristle blossoms generate dirt delivery errand (see image below). These hydroponic farm tiles had previously been planted with mealwood in order to keep the drekos fed while I sorted out the water and lighting for the bristle blossoms but I expected them to stop requiring dirt when I switched over.
  2. Hi, It took another 12 days for the glitch to recur. The Puft was 26 days old when I noticed the glitch (Pic 1). I left it another day before reloading to show that it hadn't moved and was still stuck (Pic 2) at which point it was 27. When I reloaded it was still 27 but was now able to move (Pic 3). So it doesn't look like a replacement but it did load in the exact same position as in picture 2 before instantly flipping to the position you see it in in picture 3 (without unpausing the game). When I first noticed the glitch I also took a screenshot with the pathing shown (Pic 4) and it looks like it should be able to get to lots of places. Any thoughts or anything else I can test? Thanks. Naomi
  3. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I think I should clarify that I meant that the dupes can't interact with them. I can still look at their info but they can't be wrangled or (on the rare times I've attempted it) groomed. I don't think the puft should have died in my current game. It is in an enviroment that is suitable for it and it hadn't been very long since it's parent died of old age. It's current age is 13 which doesn't seem unreasonalble for the time that had passed since it was a puftlet. What could cause pathing failure? It's currently in a big space thats pretty open so it shouldn't be the layout of the space. I'm not sure which autosave it was that was the last before I reloaded (left it an hour or so before reporting) so I'll run the game forward until it happens again and report back with before and after ages. Thanks. Naomi.
  4. Pufts of all types repeatedly become stuck expelling waste. They they do not move and cannot be interacted with without reloading the game. When I reload the game they reset and start eating again so whatever they had eaten previously is lost. I have mostly noticed this with wild pufts but that is likely to be biased as I rarely ranch them (so far). I have seen this issue reported else where but with no update for over a year so I don't know if it had been considered fixed? Thanks in advance for anything you can do. Naomi Scientific Supernova.sav Player.log