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  1. spacefarer module on the ground will leak liquid (And when the game is not restarted, when the problem has already occurred, the problem will also occur in the good game archive) The Leaky Galaxy.zip
  2. During the development of the third planet, aluminum volcanoes erupted, and when molten aluminum came into contact with water, the water would freeze (< -200°C). This water electrolysis equipment will generate low-temperature oxygen, and it will get colder and colder. 在开发第三个星球时,铝火山喷发,熔融铝接触水时,水会结冰(< -200℃)。该处的电解水设备会生成低温氧气(在铝火山右上角),并会越来越低温。 绿2-星球2.5-bug.sav