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  1. My attempts restricting water flow to the reactor ended up with all turbines going down in power... not really sure how you're getting your results... how hot is your nuclear waste pool? even with restricted water flow my nuclear waste didn't come out 'hotter'
  2. I guess I don't understand how to get the reactor 'running hot', the most efficient, (and aesthetically pleasing) I could come up with is my 13:1 Mushroom Cloud Reactor but I cant get the steam to go above 200c with 13 turbines sucking up the heat... ~16.57kw minus the 3.42kw cost of aquatuners and centrifuges... I could squeeze out more kw by running the turbines plenty warmer... But I kinda' like my chilly mushroom... How do I run my reactor 'hot?' (I tried adding a flow restriction valve and going down to 900g/s water but all my turbine power outputs went down)
  3. Be able to list and sort by age fertility etc., and select to kill, make it easy to select your meat culling in your crowded stables...
  4. 2560x1440 no mods all default settings Don't remember this being an issue before, but consumables menu icons are misaligned with their checkboxes