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  1. I just wonder the size of new recipe filter icons and how to add my own filters. Damn it all my existing recipe tab icons are in vain.
  2. I added a mod character and it has its own level like wx78.I know how to save its level when I use it,but when I change to another character the old data of previous character is gone.So how to save the character's data of a user even if he changes to another character?
  3. inst:ListenForEvent("clocksegschanged", OnClockSegsChanged, TheWorld)
  4. Hi,there.I add a staff in my mod and I want it to change the moon phase to full moon when I use it.How could I make it?
  5. I added some food recipes in my mod,but when I checked them in the cookbook it didn't show images.How to make images shown?
  6. I need to make some changes for my character on the SGWilson and SGWilson_client stategraphs.I saw some tutorials and other mods.They just use the function AddStategraphPostInit to change the stategraph.And obviously it changes stategraphs of all characters.If other characters change same places it will lead to conflicts.That's what I don't want to happen.So,is there any way to avoid affecting others when making changes on stategraphs only work for my character?Really appreciate it if somebody could help me.
  7. I write the introduction and settings in modinfo.lua and it will be shown in the menu.But I wonder if I can let the modinfo show a different language according to the game language set before.
  8. I want to add a skill.When you press the specified key on the keyboard,it works on the position where the cursor currently at or the target which currently selected by the cursor.But I don't know how to get them.Could anyone help me please.