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  1. Had very long autumn on and I’m on day 67 now and it’s still not changing to winter. I tried changing the settings to turn off autumn but it still won’t change. yes winter and the other seasons are still on. I even tried disabling everything except for winter. this game has had more game breaking bugs since the big setting update than it’s ever had and I’m close to just putting this game to rest.
  2. I appreciate you taking the time to look into it! Thank you
  3. Just tried after installing the latest update and still no luck. When I go to load the world, it begins to load for a few seconds, and then freezes and kicks me out to the psn menu with an option to report.
  4. I’m on ps5, my friend and I started up a world which was working fine. We had only day enabled to start but realized we wanted to have nights for glommer and some other things. And after enabling them every time I try and load the world it crashes. And then I tried putting the settings back to how we had them and it’s still crashing. So now we can’t even access our world at all.