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  1. After attempting to use Nuclear waste as coolant in the metal refinery i found that liquid tanks and the metal refinery dump nuclear waste on the ground after a short time.
  2. seems to be intermittent. as it didnt happen on the return trip
  3. after redirecting rocket back to orbit, it did eventually get there, and was able to land it using rocket pad on surface.
  4. Rocket enroute to a planet completes time required to reach planet but never lands. the icon moves over the planet and stays there. if you send rocket somewhere else the time to arrive starts to go into the negative.
  5. This is a known issue, is at the bottom of the most recent patch notes to testing branch.
  6. if you have them move away or put capsule as crew only and remove all crew before saving and reloading it seems to work on the first reload
  7. Its not confined just to radbolt engine. has happened to me on all the other rockets as well.
  8. Dupe's hats visible through the lead suit when they move.
  9. seems to have something to do with the door opening at all, not just errands. You can tell them to move past the door and they will get stuck there in front of it. Normally, even when they arent going in and just using it as a walkway to get to the other side, the door will open and then they will walk past.
  10. Rockets lose all fuel upon landing, no matter the type or distance travelled. Tested with steam, petroleum, sugar, and co2 rockets. Full steam rocket going into orbit and then right back to same asteroid landing pad. As soon as landing animation is done all fuel dissapears. Let me know if any files needed.