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  1. 5 hours ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

    why we activated the portal just to assemble the fossils? i guess in the real lore fw is already there and wakes up when the survivors activate the portal but gameplay wise makes no sense

    The survivors all have quotes on the Shadow Atrium; some say it is pure evil/twisted (true), others cite how it seems immensely powerful, and a select few claim experiencing feelings of sorrow. Perhaps the reason they reanimate the skeleton is because of the heart yearning corporality. If the survivors found the Atrium, they felt the heart's connection to that tragic place. They then reassembled the skeleton and awoke the Fuelweaver.

    Not the best speculation this Rose Appraiser could create, but hopefully this can suffice a bit.

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  2. Wilbur: the pirate monkey king. 

    Much like Antlion, he sends out swashbuckling primates to harass and plunder the survivors. The survivors must pay tribute to make the pirates neutral or defeat Wilbur. Should he be defeated, the pirate monkeys scatter and are weakened until Wilbur finds his way back.

    The pirate monkeys could have small boats that shoot small non-lethal ammunition that primarily damages the boat or sails. And being monkeys, they can throw... fertilizer... at the survivors and crack open chests.

    This idea needs more fleshing out and likely heavy revision from this Rose Appraiser.

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  3. 17 minutes ago, lakhnish said:
    • During the gorge, Mumsy says another survivor passed through their dimension before. I think we'll never know who that was.
    • Why do the salt stacks look like people?

    This Rose Appraiser shall add/revise these lore tidbits to the timeline for future correction and speculation.