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  1. A few changes have been made in light of Wickerbottom's refresh. Many more will be made as more information comes to light.

  2. Marvelous! All the lore in the short will be added to the timeline shortly. This update is pretty fun. Excellent job Klei, excellent job.
  3. A tiring but true classic: A wormhole less than 5 tiles from each point. This Rose Appraiser regrets not snapping a photo.
  4. Timeline has been adjusted to better match the story. Please feel free to make suggestions to better compile the Lore.

  5. Small tweaks to the timeline have been made, labelled accordingly, and are subject to change as the beta and story progress.

    1. minespatch


      Post a link here when you're done.

    2. RoseAppraiser


      Duly noted, and here you are:

      Timeline - Google Docs

  6. More and more roses are blooming throughout Her Garden... Truly a great season is ahead! Back to work then.

  7. The survivors all have quotes on the Shadow Atrium; some say it is pure evil/twisted (true), others cite how it seems immensely powerful, and a select few claim experiencing feelings of sorrow. Perhaps the reason they reanimate the skeleton is because of the heart yearning corporality. If the survivors found the Atrium, they felt the heart's connection to that tragic place. They then reassembled the skeleton and awoke the Fuelweaver. Not the best speculation this Rose Appraiser could create, but hopefully this can suffice a bit.
  8. Wilbur: the pirate monkey king. Much like Antlion, he sends out swashbuckling primates to harass and plunder the survivors. The survivors must pay tribute to make the pirates neutral or defeat Wilbur. Should he be defeated, the pirate monkeys scatter and are weakened until Wilbur finds his way back. The pirate monkeys could have small boats that shoot small non-lethal ammunition that primarily damages the boat or sails. And being monkeys, they can throw... fertilizer... at the survivors and crack open chests. This idea needs more fleshing out and likely heavy revision from this Rose Appraiser.
  9. A group of crows is called a murder, so perhaps that is who they're referring to? As for the being followed, that is certainly something... probably just paranoia though.... unless...
  10. Marvelous! A truly elegant way to celebrate the upcoming solstice! New games! New Duplicates! New skins! Now the real question, who is ready for pirate monkeys?
  11. The Gatekeepers could very well be Cyclum & Metheus (tentative names), the leaders(?) of the Ancients. This is merely speculation. A keen eye, SomebodyRandom, a keen eye indeed. A deeper discussion is in order. The Ancient Hulk could very well be a prototype for the Sentrypedes, evidenced by its pseudo-indestructible nature and use of electrical elements. Sentrypedes are impossible to destroy, only turned off. The Ancient Hulk, similarly activates upon charging with electricity. Though, again, this is speculation.
  12. This Rose Appraiser shall add/revise these lore tidbits to the timeline for future correction and speculation.
  13. Another day in the Garden, another pot of rosehip tea, and so much to do. This is shaping up to be very pleasant.

    1. NightfallsCurse


      YES! teaaaaaaaa, my favorite drink


      I like any tea


  14. What a marvelous day in the Mistresses' Rose Garden. Hopefully the weather stays this pleasant. Soon the roses will bloom and the work season will begin!

    1. minespatch


      A bit of a cleaning up of your profile? Context?

    2. RoseAppraiser


      This Rose Appraiser is preparing for the upcoming season. The summertime in the Rose Garden is a wonderful time when many of the Garden's sectors enter their blooming periods. 

      Numerous Rose Appraisers typically work in the Mistresses' Rose garden year-round. This particular Rose Appraiser is one that helps take care of the Roses. Others take care of the Rhododendrons, some carry out orders, The Rose Appraiser is The Mistresses' ever reaching arm... Sincere Apologies, this Rose Appraiser is rambling.

  15. A human turned automaton... Fascinating... Robert Wagstaff and his partner... It is time to edit the timeline! So much Lore to be discussed! Marvelous job on the update Klei!
  16. Where would one suggest the tips/themes for lore? This Rose Appraiser has a few ideas and it would be fun to toss the proverbial hat into the ring!
  17. Wonderful! May many potato cups reign from the heavens in celebration of this update! Addition: At long last! The young William Carter has appeared!
  18. Phenomenal job as always Klei! This is a wonderful update to play around with! And a well deserved congratulations to the folks at Re-Logic as well!
  19. This Rose Appraiser applauds Klei and is thoroughly excited for the cross over!
  20. Shhhhhh! You're not supposed to see this! Forget you ever saw anything...
  21. When there are more than 1 crowns, the most recent crown seems to become invisible and doesn't have any effects.
  22. Truly beautiful. This Rose Appraiser is stunned at the incredible quest-line to this fight... Finding Wagstaff after unleashing the Moon's power, aiding him, and fighting the Celestial Champion were truly marvelous! How exciting...