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  1. Combat is fine as it is. I'd just fix the inconsistent attack speed and rework some of the bosses (Bee Queen, Crabking and Toadstool are not fun thank you).
  2. This might be a controversial suggestion, but I think the Terra Firma Tamper should give you the ability to create and destroy land tiles. Not only this allows you to fix obnoxious worldgen terrain-wise (this is the controversial part, up until now you'd have to build around terrain RNG), giving you more freedom in late-game base building, it also allows you to be more versatile with Knobbly Trees. When Waterlogged first came out I was excited when we got a new way to permanently prevent wildfires just to be immediately disappointed knowing that you're restricted to a small area near the shore. At this point, just go to the caves or oasis. As for balancing, my main suggestion would be allowing building land only on coastal ocean, this prevents stuff like cheesing crab king. But someone can come up with something better.
  3. Autumn: Beefalo ruins rush, Bee Queen, Eye of Terror, Dragonfly. Winter: Tusk, Plant seeds for a potato and a pumpkin, Fossils, Lazy Explorer, moving marble heads, Moonstone event, Klaus, Deerclops. Spring: Archives, Shadow Pieces, Fuelweaver, assembling lunar altars, Pearl. Summer: Misery Toadstool (I cheese him lol), Pearl's Quests, Crabking (also cheesed to oblivion), Moonstorm. Second Autumn: Celestial Champion.
  4. I don't know how to reproduce, but the lureplant that's supposed to spawn during spring in Pearl's island just isn't there. It's happened twice now. May not be related but both times I was in the caves when spring started and right after killed a lureplant on the mainland.
  5. Crab King is not spawning in worlds generated after the QoL update.