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  1. @CharlesB Awesome thanks for looking into it, please let me know if you need anything else.
  2. @CharlesB Here's the file. Hopefully this will help.
  3. @CharlesB Hey Charles thanks for getting back to me. The save file I'm sending should have 2 worlds on it. One with Wilson at day 2 and one with Woodie at day 1. The only save data I could copy was the adventure journal. There were no other saves other than that one, so I'm hoping I got the right thing. If you could get back to me soon and let me know if I gave you the right file I would appreciated it. I sent the save file to
  4. Anytime I create a world it doesn't show the save file and only shows New World. I can't delete them or edit server setting either since it thinks I'm trying to create a new world. I've uninstalled and deleted saves through the system setting on the ps4 and still no fix. (Video link) Compressed.mp4