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  1. when I climb up from cave to the main world, an unexcept small tallbird come to me and keep following. Idk what happened.
  2. even after many days and not in night, the enlighten system still stay with me.
  3. there have a chance when u killed CC, your san system never back, the enlighten system would stay with u wherever u are, until u rejoin the game. I just killed CC with my friend, he's san system is ok after killed CC, but mine goes wrong.
  4. When Wendy wearing the Nostalgic head and Vampiric cloak, there would appear a glitch when Wendy move upward. See the picture.
  5. If u r in the storm and shut down the server, then restart, join the game, there is a chance lose the moonstorm.
  6. 1. Celestial Champion in phase 1 & 3 would have higher change to attack bird/salamander/abigail than to attack players, even those mobs & abigail never attacked Champion. 2. Celestial Champion's [Rolling attack] in phase 1 would turn it's direction immediately when it attacked abigail (or a non-player mob?) --- this makes phase 1 Champion would kill LV3 abigail easily with [Rolling attack] by 4 times uninterruptly direction turning. 3. When Celestial Champion in phase 1 moving to a character by initialize it's [Rolling attack], if the character riding a beefalo, both he/she is pressed by the moving champion, he would have a chance to lose control - at this time that player can't move to any direction by holding keyboard, he/she could only see and wait a hit from [Rolling attack].
  7. it seems if we force Malbatross born with fishing, then rollback the world in game, the Malbatross would never born again by fishing. I've just test it, after rollback in game, I only get 70 fishes but never see Malbatross again.
  8. Choose Wendy, equip both Vampyr Coat & Nostalgia hair (maybe named as this? that's the Abigail set's hair, see the picture) then when you move ↑ u would see this glitch.
  9. I go test as well. it maybe just because lag. you attack pig in single server, but I attack him with some lag. that's the difference between us. ofc, if u close the lag-compensate (not sure is this called as this way or not) this stun could be more easy, maybe.
  10. this issue exist for a long time. it needs ur first attack to pig at a "right moment". especially, crazy pig could get out from the lock with his crying. then u need next "right moment first attack" to rekeep its' lock status.
  11. when we try to store items into a closed insulated pack, nothing happened.
  12. Im sry but Idk is this a bug or just intended... When a catcoon visit my home, it would attack my friendly fruit fly. It caused many trouble to me these days...
  13. add info: this is wot I changed before the bug happen. when I bond it again with grooming station, I see the skins set in UI still keep the latest set which I changed before. although its' losing all skins like just a normal beefalo in game.
  14. see the picture. this is a riding beefalo. I have change its' skins before, then I quit the game. when I rejoin my server, it goes in heat, lose all skins what I've change, turn into the normal beefalo face, and lose its' eyes. TERRIBLE.