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  1. Airlocks might act weird on the asteroids that you don't check for a while: even if they're opened by automation, they continue to transfer heat to nearby blocks. This happened to me three times, and it's a bit frustrating because it's hard to cool down the chamber after it happens. bug-2.mp4
  2. This happened to me only after I replaced the rocket with another one. I have Gas Rocket Port controlled by automation and piping oxygen into it, but it seem to just disappear for now. Attached save file but after game restart it works. Golden Dreamland PW.zip
  3. The amount of oxygen in the cell is extremely low, that's why it's Unbreathable (btw, polluted oxygen is breathable, "breathability" is not about type of gas). Dupes can consume oxygen only when it's around 50mg+ but will gain extra stress, and it'll be okay for them to breathe in environment with 300mg+ of oxygen, see here: https://oxygennotincluded.gamepedia.com/Oxygen