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  1. I'm currently playing as Warly and as the long title says if you eat something else after eating Hot Dragon Chili Salad you lose the effect. In this case after eating that i ate one Honey Ham and one Meaty Stew and that's when i noticed that my temperature in game was dropping. I don't know if it supposed to be this way or if it's an actual bug and if it happens with other Warly dishes like this one. Also am i supposed to get a temperature penalty every time i eat hot dragon chili salad, is that intended?
  2. I had gift wrap bundles dropped on my world after most recent update (Eye of the storm) for some reason all my gift wraps are invisible for some reason.
  3. This has happened to me too multiple times when i have the game already open and y plug my usb headset there is no audio from the headset but there is on my laptops speaker. I thought it was just a problem from my pc but since it's happening to you too i'm pointing out just to see if this can be fixed, thank you!.
  4. I have the same issue but with bees, the beehives and bee boxes are not spawning any bees only when i destroy or burn them they come out.
  5. I got a non-dedicated solo world with caves enabled, every time i exit and reopen / rejoin the server Dragonfly's timer resets, i haven't been able to fight with her again since the beginning of winter, my world is currently on summer. I track Dragonfly's timer with the mod Insight and i already checked with the mod developer but it seems that it is a game bug not mod bug.