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  1. We started playing in offline mode but then it changed to online... we keep playing and weeks later what i described happened. Now i cant play anymore because the same is happening with every new world i create. I start a new offline world, choose character, play, disconect; and then when i try to reconnect the character i was playing is lost and i have to choose a new one... i mean i can choose the same character in the character selection screen but the “instance” of the character i was playing is missing, inventory, map discovered , char progress, etc.
  2. On Ps4 DST: After march 11 update all my saved worlds characters are lost... if i choose to load one it makes me choose a new character.(character selection screen appear) The worlds appear to be ok, but characters are gone... inventory, map, pets, char progress. I play with another player in splitscreen, both characters are missing...
  3. I lost my characters after this update... worlds load ok but make me choose a new character... i play on Ps4 splitscreen with a friend, both characters are lost.