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  1. Hello humans im back asking for more spool lol
  2. Someday When dont starve gets crossplay
  3. So is there gonna be spool? Im in critical need of it
  4. So um are there gonna be more spools or points XD
  5. All that happens to me too frick they didnt fix it Like it puts you in a limbo of doing it over and over again but its the worst with the crock pot, chests and chester. Did you report the bug to klei? At least they fixed the curio cabinet issue
  6. Ikr Like the god is saying "let there be MAGNET!!!!!!" What glitches do you have? I want to know I want to know This little update totally ruined the game for us consolers...right?! Lets beg klei can fix this. I mean i got the game working on my ps4 a week ago and havent had much problems...
  7. Do you mean the teleportation glitch When u fight a boss and try to run away and like a magnet it pulls you back...is that one of the glitches?
  8. I play on console and its playable what are u talking about?
  9. Hi man did they tell you when the curio cabinet fix uptade will be?

    Please answer...

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    2. GrMcGillacactus
    3. LZGames


      No worries...but im kinda anoyed cuz i cant buy de wurt skin...is it anoying to you?

    4. LZGames


      Wanna maybe play dont starve together with me ill give you the server name and playstyle so you can join...only if you want.

  10. Will that update be tomorrow or when???
  11. Uhhhh did you guys fix the wardrobe sorting thing...cuz its pretty anoying not gonna lie.

  12. Thank you! Ummmm did you guys fix it...?