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  1. Yeah. I'm also facing the same issue. Its a show stopper for split screen.
  2. Press back button at times to get rid of actions.
  3. How can this be known issue? Have you guys fixed this issue? Shouldn't be marked as "Fixed", if you have fixed this issue, right?
  4. I hope this fix doesn't have to wait longer for Xbox certification.
  5. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/xbox-dont-starve-together/split-screen-play-not-working-r28976/?do=findComment&comment=43358&d=4&tab=comments
  6. Will it be available for us this weekend?
  7. If we continuously plant seeds, it drags the player back to the place where we first plant the seed. Workaround is to to click B (back) button to proceed with rest of the seeds.
  8. Online game mode with split screen doesn't require Xbox Live. Its absolutely a showstopper. Its disappointing us because we have 350+days of play in saved games.
  9. Unable to play any new or saved 2 players games. Always display the second user as offline and when launching the saved game, it displays a message something like.. user is offline and game cannot be launched.