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  1. Wheeze sorts actually aren't that bad of a solution for early game. It's takes two of them about 15 cycles to get a CO2 pit below 4 C, which is a massive help will you wait to get a "real" solution set up.
  2. You can also reach those planets with a sugar or CO2 engine if you wanted. For sugar, just use oxylite as oxidizer and bring some sugar along in the command module to refuel for the trip home. For CO2, you can launch some CO2 ahead of time and use the payload opener to refuel. Personally I like CO2 rockets for their speed.
  3. I really like the new research system, where I feel like there is actually a reason to have more than 1 researcher now. I also like the space research that forces you to make plastic, as with the smaller worlds I don't feel forced to make plastic for transit tubes anymore. I mostly just want automation for the nuclear research that sends a signal when low on rad bolts, and as other have said a queue would be really nice.
  4. I'm hoping for more uses for radbolts and more ways to generate radiation. Especially hoping for some sort of radbolt reactor that's turns radbolts into electricity that makes it so the research reactor is more worthwhile as an electricty source. Perhaps a fusion reactor that takes radbolts and liquid hydrogen to make helium and power? Besides that, I want world traits back, especially ones that effect the outer ring planets. As is, the outer ring experience is the same every single game, making the late game a bit too predictable.
  5. There is a chance this is an intentional change to nerf solar power, giving how many people have complained that it is too OP. For all we know, being able to build panels on top of heavy watt wires is the bug.
  6. I'm hoping we get a new world generation option in this testing cycle. I'm way more willing to create a new world for new features if I have a new world type to create. That being said, this is already a massive improvement to the game as is. Now I feel much more reason to still go to space once I colonize the inner ring + the water world, where before I basically completely stopped launching rockets once I had a base on every planetoid I wanted to colonize.
  7. To me, the funnest thing about this game is having two problems solve each other. Like if you have too much hot coolant from the refinery and not enough power generation, you can run the coolant through a steam turbine and have the heat problem help solve the power problem. I also really enjoy the early to mid game, so I like that in the DLC you get to basically do a new game+ of the early game whenever you reach a new planet. The least fun part for me at least is oxygen generation. For something in the title of the game, it seems odd that there is really only one late game option to make it, namely running water to an electrolyzer. If we got even one more option, say a renewable source of rust or a way to break down CO2 into carbon and oxygen, it would make that system much more interesting to me.
  8. Personally, I was hoping that plant mutations would involve radbolts, but I'm glad we have more uses of radiation. Maybe there could be a station that let you use radbolts to turn seeds in mutant varieties you've already discovered.
  9. I'm hoping they remove this exploit, but then add in a jumbo spacefarer module with a huge burden level, so people can still make the large rockets builds they could with this exploit, but have it come at a cost.
  10. Yep. Just stick a pump in the water pool near it and feed an electrolyzer. It takes hundreds of cycles for the steam to actually stay steam, and by then you will likely have plastic and steel. Its not too difficult to get usable output from cool steam vents. Getting usable output that will last indefinitely is the hard part.
  11. A few people have said that the early tier rockets start to feel useless quickly, so I wanted to share my method of using them late game. I really like CO2 engines because of their speed ,cold exhaust, and all-but-free fuel, but they can't make a round trip on their own. Since the introduction of the interplanetary launcher, though, I've found that they can be easily used into the late game. You just need to send one payload of CO2, and you can send a rocket round trip easily. It can easily be set up by one dupe during a trailblazer mission before their atmo suit runs out, unlike wood burner set ups I've seen before. I've used this method to get a launch pad on the magma, frozen, and water planets.
  12. I'm hoping for some sort of challenge cluster. I would like a world were you have to launch a rocket before you can access resources like iron, crude oil, and reed fiber to really challenge you to rush rockets. Hopefully a version of Oassisse would have a challenge like this
  13. Have the same problem. Started with the 2nd most recent testing branch, nothing changed with today's branch. Fortunately I haven't managed to lose a rocket in a planet yet.
  14. Rockets with no fuel in orbit are no longer able to land. Pre launch, there is no warning that the rocket won't reach its destination, so this isn't just that rocket ranges were nerfed by 1.
  15. I'm having trouble getting the solar panels to work in flight. Not getting any power in flight, but it seems to work when I'm landed.