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  1. Do you have a wall toilet next to the door in the rocket? That caused those ice blocks for me in the past
  2. I'm hoping we get a new world generation option in this testing cycle. I'm way more willing to create a new world for new features if I have a new world type to create. That being said, this is already a massive improvement to the game as is. Now I feel much more reason to still go to space once I colonize the inner ring + the water world, where before I basically completely stopped launching rockets once I had a base on every planetoid I wanted to colonize.
  3. Personally, I was hoping that plant mutations would involve radbolts, but I'm glad we have more uses of radiation. Maybe there could be a station that let you use radbolts to turn seeds in mutant varieties you've already discovered.
  4. Have the same problem. Started with the 2nd most recent testing branch, nothing changed with today's branch. Fortunately I haven't managed to lose a rocket in a planet yet.
  5. Rockets with no fuel in orbit are no longer able to land. Pre launch, there is no warning that the rocket won't reach its destination, so this isn't just that rocket ranges were nerfed by 1.
  6. I'm having trouble getting the solar panels to work in flight. Not getting any power in flight, but it seems to work when I'm landed.