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  1. posting earlier cus i did something earlier found this post, wanted to doodle, ended up taking it too far somewhat of a redraw of my favorite vignette
  2. i was thinking about this quite a bit, and decided to try drawing like it again in a better headspace the scene is from a little thing i wrote a while ago that im not confident enough to share, but it had to do with wx and wormwood because of course it would
  3. i got very tired last night, but i appreciate what both of you said! made my morning better and speaking of morning, started this early in the day but only finished it later i dont own either of these outfits but i made them and wish i did own them
  4. havent been feeling that great recently. vent art, i suppose, but it fits for wormwood too
  5. how does blocking klaus work exactly? i know that you have to put signs down at his spawners until he only shows up in one, but how can you determine how many spawners there are per biome? currently playing in a world where klaus spawns directly below our base (in the neighboring biome) and i want to know when we'll get close to keeping him there
  6. happy birthday to wormwood my beloved a bit messy but i still like it i'll draw differently eventually i swear, i just kinda not like having to shade
  7. it'd probably have to be from one of my own. most of these loadups don't belong to me. they do give me a lot of inspiration for making my own, though...
  8. more wx requests from tumblr. honestly it was a massive coincidence two people had survivor wxes with scarves and also two magmatic loadups. the magmatic set was done because i wanted to. still enjoy doing these massively
  9. some of my earlier dst doodles i havent posted. i didnt save my doodle canvases at the time so its gone now but tbh i like the stuff i make now better runes! don't mean anything in particular just thought they looked cool (reason for most of these bgs) quite evil. i honestly didnt know triumphant wx looked really good in triumphant wilson's outfit until i got that req. the chains were a fun addition it's woodie's, actually, called the berserker belt iirc. all the pieces come from various characters' gladiator sets and i thought that was a cool choice!
  10. so when you bond to a tamed beef, nobody else can ride it might be a silly question, but do you lose domestication when you break the bond? i currently have a rider beef and i want to try for an ornery and it would be nice to have communal beefs
  11. i have a bit of bias toward the sugar rose outfit, not only bc i play frequently with a roseate warly, but the sugar rose outfit was the first thing i used on wx.... so i had to draw it again here are also some other wx's from tumblr:
  12. i have not, but now that you mention it, that loadup does suspiciously look like the beast's suit and i will have to consider it
  13. wood, though you'd get a mouthful of sap and in most plants that doesn't taste very nice
  14. im currently taking requests to draw wx skins/outfits in this style so if there are any feel free to send em my way i may do this for other characters but i really wanna draw the bot rn
  15. tiny wx because i had an off day and just wanted to doodle something super small
  16. happy pride month, here are some hcs >:) i'm putting it in a spoiler tag bc i know how these forums get about gender sometimes... so basically, what im saying is if you dont like it, dont look at it hopefully nobody tries to argue with me about this but if anyone does im not gonna respond to it :')
  17. i've killed klaus more then i've killed all the seasonal bosses combined
  18. that time moose/goose fought bee queen and almost won g r a s s and jesus goat