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  1. i think professor mourire is more of a spirit medium then a necromancer. "April 16th, 1914 I keep hearing strange music when I dream... the same bang repeating over and over... is it you, Abigail? Are you trying to tell me something?" not sure if its ragtime exactly, "bang" isnt a term i would use to describe it
  2. i love nurse spiders. i love them so much.
  3. not even presumably. he's very american "The radio is a Voxola PR-76, manufactured in 1919 by the Voxola Radio company of Sidney, Ohio. The radio offered revolutionary sound and reception quality for the time, and was promoted by an intense national marketing campaign. Very few units were actually produced, because the factory was destroyed in a fire only days after production began. Voxola founder Robert Wagstaff went missing the night of the fire, and the company declared bankruptcy soon thereafter." (source) her quote for frazzled wires on the wiki is "A tangled mess of wires, not much good for anything." i dont actually own solo dont starve so i can't confirm this, but if you do or anyone else does, please let me know because this implication is amazing also looked through all times they were mentioned (excluding character examining character quotes), and how they were addressed: wx-78: wickerbottom (frazzled wires), maxwell (frazzled wires) wx: willow (frazzled wires), wolfgang (lying robot), wendy (lying robot), webber (gears) other: winona (bot, lying robot), walter (robot, frazzled wires) it is possible that the other characters are aware of wx-78's full name, they just choose to shorten it. but it is interesting how only wickerbottom and maxwell, two of the most knowlegable characters call wx by their full name. could either be because they prefer it, maybe it feels more formal (wickerbottom especially tends to be formal), or they know something the other characters dont
  4. does that mean webber lives in america too? i always assumed he was scottish because of his quote for the tam, but that might be his heritage more then his nationality
  5. i can see why people dont like nurse spiders and/or smiling spiders... but i do... so im here to appreciate them
  6. thats what they were doing? the whole thing went by so fast i literally couldnt process what was going on either way not very funny, didnt laugh
  7. literally this is the exact thing i've been doing with the farmhand top. its so good
  8. wortox... but i stylized the heck outta him i love that he's a goat so i pushed that i also messed around with the idea of wortox having floppy goat ears
  9. you know it's incredibly traumatizing to lose someone close to you, especially super suddenly, right? and just because other people have problems that doesn't mean wendy cant struggle with her own
  10. winona would probably be better suited to be their doctor. wilson isnt as advanced as a mechanic i dont think
  11. headcanon-y type stuff i was talking about scars with a few friends and i started thinking about how metal doesn't really scar so im like... what if wx got patchworked over the years. became a quilt of metal. with clockwork bits from all that ruins resetting and bam i draw
  12. what's the drop rates for krampus sack from klaus? for both regular and winter's feast, if there is a difference? i'm having a discussion with someone about it. ~1k days of (almost) consistently killing klaus in winter's feast and we just got a krampus sack from him yesterday i heard that klaus has 10% chance for a krampus sack or do we just have really bad luck
  13. any time i dont feel like i can properly draw i just go back to this little style. luckily for me, these 2 have become simple to draw
  14. you have to befriend the certain type of spider the switcher is made after its easy to find all of them, just gotta use the webby whistle on respective dens for nurse spiders, you can start a spider war with the queen and she'll likely spawn one for you to befriend
  15. yeah most likely always seemed like wx was sent into the constant before wagstaff projected himself in, though exactly how i cant say this theory is based more on personal observation and my own logic rather then quotes, but i think wx was created to see if a human could survive the constant. they have robotic parts equivalent to human organs, like a chemical engine acting as a stomach, optical sensors acting as eyes, etc. if wagstaff wanted to create a machine to dominate or last as long as possible, why give wx human limitations? wx was most likely sent in before wagstaff found the shipwrecked islands
  16. speaking of wagstaff: im going to share a crackpot theory so webber's short reveals that wagstaff is able to bring things out from the constant and to the real world in winona's short, on the very right of her conspiracy board is an image of clockwork bishops, showing that they were spotted in the real world wx has very similar coloration to clockwork bishop's cape, they even undergo similar lighting and effects (i.e. when the player is insane) i think that wagstaff dragged clockworks out of the constant and took them apart to create wx
  17. i woke up very late today so i have a little doodle they're friends.... just bicker quite a bit
  18. midsummer night light doesnt actually need fuel. you just click to activate it
  19. triumphant. PLEASE, its so cool, especially bloom victorian is very neat as well but in my opinion it doesnt really look like wormwood (granted, triumphant doesnt either, but i think it does a better job at pushing the boundaries of what wormwood could be than victorian). the heavy brow and mustache looking parts put me off. the bloom is very pretty but i still think triumphant outshines it here's a couple of my photos to show off bloom (it's the full skin with all the different pieces, no mixing and matching as i usually do)