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  1. it'd be more like that time of the year. wormwood literally calls hay fever "happy time" and sort of! didn't have a good ref for wormwood's little trail of flowers (most of my pictures use a client mod where wormwood's flowers changes with his skin) so i came up with shapes. always liked the lotus-esque, chrysanthemum look of flowers so abigail subconsciously came to mind
  2. its been at least 2 years since i last drew something on mspaint, but after playing a few games of skribbl with friends, i sort of missed doing it so i drew on it again
  3. its fine honestly, i worry abt being redundant sometimes but i got to add new stuff so it didnt feel redundant anymore
  4. normally i wouldnt but minespatch said to so i will additional thoughts i had later: - could be used by webber to effectively fight water bosses such as malbatross and crab king - maybe these guys could be resistant to freezing because they live so close to the ice biome. that would certainly help with crab king - maybe ~300-400 hp, but not super common like regular spiders out on the water - prefer to stay in the water but will jump up onto boats when threatened. they move very fast in the water but are significantly slower on land/boats - maybe i can use both colors! got a winter coat and a summer coat. whether this servers a function or is completely aesthetic, i dont know
  5. willow would absolutely love them as well and anyone in winter
  6. one personal idea, based on the water strider im sorry i cant really emulate the dont starve style
  7. make abigail also do 25% less damage so it cancels out to 0 because that's how adding negatives work... right....
  8. magmatic exists to be the coolest skin imo
  9. i know, i was trying to have a discussion as well as rationalize it for myself. im sorry if i came off any particularly bad way
  10. death in the constant is shown to work differently from where everyone came from. they moreso linger on rather then truly die telltale hearts are described as tethering a ghost to the living plane. in its animation, its shown that the ghost is being formed into flesh i don't think i understand the part about maxwell creating everyones' bodies. the only case i can even think of another created body is a meat effigy, but everyone can make those and they all resemble wilson (other characters even comment about this-- wx, webber, and woodlegs in solo dont starve are confused about who the effigy looks like, but in together, they all recognize it as wilson). i don't doubt you on the "multiple bodies" thing. i just dont think maxwell specifically created anything for them (you think there would be more comments about that, no?). to me, it's more like they were dragged in as they were in the real world, likely died a few times, and stayed around as something more akin to the concept of a soul. constant rules, as i mentioned before, are different from the real world's. souls aren't a new concept in general.
  11. ... huh? they were all taken from the real world into the constant. as they were. they weren't created to live in the constant like maxwell's and charlie's creatures i think the hair bones exist as just kind some of visual joke. characters (such as wilson) talk about their hair as if it were normal hair, not as if it had bones in it they could also exist to better differentiate between characters as they're struck by lightning. a lot of silhouettes (especially for the human characters) come from their hair. when getting struck by lighting, if everyone had similar skeletons, it would be hard to tell apart. the only character, as far as i know, that mentions their skeleton is webber. and webber mentions how he has both an endo and exoskeleton. theres not that much significance to skeletons. characters like wx and wormwood are shown to have skeletons when struck, but im 99% sure that only exists for consistency, as all players leave behind a skeleton when killed. we literally saw how wormwood was formed in his short (boneless) and wx's unfinished skin shows no sign of a skeleton. i've seen the wx cyborg theory, but wx makes no mention of this either
  12. friend of mine made a really good one-shot about wagstaff and wx. made a drawing loosely based on it finally. drawing characters other then wx, wormwood, and webber i actually like drawing wagstaff. his hair's funny. might do it more
  13. wormwood's always been able to do that, even before reap what you sow. it's been part of his perks ever since he was first introduced in hamlet. performance was never an issue. literally what is wrong with a machine that makes a nice, neat, nutritious plot for plants? it's an even square with 9 (or more, if you wanna overcrowd) places to plant your crops.
  14. iirc most of the time it's multiplicative, but for some items its additive most items/characters get speed boosts by a percent or decimal (ex. walking cane's +25% or 1.25 movement bonus) all characters start off with the base movement number of 6. you then multiply or add for your final number. then you can divide said final number by 6 to get your final movement speed %. you can also just multiply the bonuses together for a shortcut, but if you want to see the movement speed number, you have to multiply by 6 (though do correct me if my math is wrong!) as for additive items, some only list a number for their speed modifier. for example, coffee simply increases your movement speed by +5, but you can just divide that number by 6 to get the percentage. (5/6 is ~0.833 repeating, or 83%) example: i hope this helps!
  15. throw in overcharged wx, cobble road, walking cane, and mag and you got someone that can more a little over 3x faster then average
  16. also check out their singleplayer gear quote + multiplayer wires, back scratcher, winter's feast announcements, and any character talking about wx after they revived them. i'm sure there are more examples but those are the ones at the top of my head the empathy module is flaky at best
  17. honestly i would love to think about special wormwood traits that go along with the moon cycle. will probably take time, though hopefully not anything like this au though, it's wormwood slowly losing his own free will and autonomy because the moon is desperately trying to save itself
  18. they are, and it's fun for neither of them it is kinda unfortunate that wormwood doesn't get any special interactions with the moon canonically, but it does make sense. i think gameplay wise, if something like this happened to wormwood it would be very hard to play as him. and lore wise, wormwood's gem is already separated from the moon. it's described as a seed in his vignette, and whatever happens to the parent after the seed is dispersed doesn't matter to the seed.
  19. i don't think they're similar at all. we may just have different perspectives but coming from the perspective of a hobbyist artist with particular passion in character design, all of webber's skins have very different silhouettes that make them unique from each other. the length of his fur changes, it falls down in different ways creating different shapes (only survivor and roseate have similar fur shapes, but you can still tell them apart by their legs and faces). some of webber's skins even have different eye shapes, making different expressions. imo he has some of the best skins, being a non human character really allows klei to play around with all sorts of shapes and colors (look at wormwood and wx, for the best examples of this)
  20. personally i don't see the point of making cooking more complicated, other then adding new recipes for new effects the thing about the gorge, cooking was the main focus. you didn't have to worry about hunger sanity, health, there were no mobs trying to kill you, bosses you had to fight, hound waves you needed to listen for... what i'm trying to say is you only had to worry about cooking of course, you needed wood for fire, crops and livestock for ingredients, and minor things relating to those, but the gorge focused on cooking making the cooking system more complicated takes away from the many, many other parts of the game you have to worry about. i get that in long running worlds, there's a lot less to worry about and in general, a lot less to do, but most people don't make it that far i wouldn't be opposed to a mid-late game way of making food more interactive and in depth (perhaps several types of cooking stations with more recipes (gorge) that give much better food, or even just one machine with more slots and more recipes), but overhauling the entire thing feels more like a detriment
  21. doodles from this au where, basically, the return of them arc ended very differently (and wormwood needs a lot of help)