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  1. today (july 9) is my birthday i made something for myself last night in a bit of worry i wouldn't be able to today, but it still came out looking really nice
  2. lightning in game is described to give wx78 a complete circut so the electricity is traveling everywhere in their body electric milk just goes directly into the fuel processor gameplay wise, its likely for consistency between the characters lore wise, it makes a little less sense, though it could end up being for the same reason i mentioned before-- its food that goes into their stomach and not their entire body to complete a circut its true that it causes shocks to travel to enemies, and im still taking some time thinking exactly how that could work (if it can) so i'll get back to you on that
  3. more bees! wanted to do something quick because i'm super tired also would rather draw something better tomorrow specifically
  4. i disagree, for two reasons: 1. not everyone can get the eyebrella, especially the first one. umbrella + football helmet is your best bet for spring in multiplayer 2. wx doesnt really benefit from the eyebrella in spring. other then the wetness penalty being barely a penalty, football helm + umbrella allows for lightning strikes and overcharge while the eyebrella doesn't. eyebrella is better in summer for me but since we're talking about wetness protection, i usually just default to umbrella + helm anyway is the eyebrella optimal for other characters? yes, but i wouldnt go as far to say it makes the umbrella useless i dont see many people run around with the other three though, so i cant comment
  5. more wx and wormwood bee art because it makes me happy i finally draw in the style i used when i first opened this thread, except using a bit more things i learned about color
  6. honestly if the 2nd image had anyone but wx they would go together unfortunately they're not connected
  7. smaller drawing! because it also works as a discord emote extra whiteboard doodles:
  8. i didnt make the pattern clip studio paint has options to import custom brushes, either brushes you make yourself or ones that other people make. i often use these because they're super pretty (could probably see more examples of them in this thread). if i recall correctly, that brush came from here
  9. doodle of triumphant wormwood because i just really wanted to draw him
  10. i love mini libraries. i have one in my neighborhood and while i haven't taken a book in a while, i still like seeing it! anyway, structure design isn't my strong suit but i thought i'd give it a shot
  11. it'd be neat if they could store spell books, maybe even the codex umbra as well. i'd rather have one large space for only books then a bunch of little chests. or the books just being dumped on the floor. please not the floor. i'd lean away more from book effects buffing allies specifically, because then that kinda crosses into wigfrid's territory and i do not want another "this character is just that character but better!!" kind of discussion. but here are my book ideas: - a petrify tome, like in forge. it could also instead be an aoe freezing effect. - maybe a type of minion book, where she can summon a friendly version of a usually hostile mob to aid her. doesn't even have to be combat related, could be used for gathering or scouting. what mob, i don't know. i was thinking a hound, but there might be a better idea - some sort of mass revival book, when a lot of people are dead. a weaker idea, but an idea nonetheless neat character interaction ideas: - walter's story time could lead to more sanity gain if he read one of wicker's books before telling the story. he got inspired - since wurt was the og book reader (other then maxwell, but he actually gets to use the magic) books could raise her sanity by a % more. at the same time, they will lower her sanity more as well
  12. does anyone actually use bee mines and some people might argue with me but garlands are pretty useless. it sucks so much because it has a lot of good skins
  13. like saying wurt has better skins then wormwood p.s. i hope im not coming off as too serious with with any of this. i'm a bit worried about that
  14. hollow wormwood has a cuter shade of blue then goat wurt
  15. wurt doesnt get a massive eye for a flower i get her halloween skin turns her into cthulhu but not nearly as terrifying as triumphant wormwood also wormwood skins are 4 skins for the price of one. nobody else gets that special treatment
  16. conveniently, i play wormwood so i could offer up some advice. i'm certainly not the best player on the fourms (or ever), i can think of at least 2 other people here who probably know more about wormwood then i do, but here's what i got!: feel free to ask questions about anything im saying here. i understand that sometimes my explanations are hard to follow ^^;; rundown: wormwood is a plant, so a lot of his perks are plant related. mainly, he has an exclusive crafting tab, can plant seeds directly into the ground without a farm plot or hoe, the crops he plants last (iirc) 50% longer then others, he gains sanity when he plants new seeds and trees, and he blooms in spring, which gives him a 20% speed boost. his downsides are that he cannot heal from food (but he gains hunger and sanity) and he loses sanity when plants are destroyed wormwood's best skill is farming. his seed perk can be used to circumvent the need of a hoe (or thingamarig, if you wish. i personally dont recommend it because seeds planted directly into the ground take 5-6 says to grow as opposed to the 3-4 in farm plots). using a hoe can take a while, especially if you have a lot of farm land. it also costs quite a bit of resources to keep making new hoes. his bloom also automatically tends to crops in a radius, meaning that when you're fully bloomed, you just have to run around the plot for a second and all the plants are happy. he's also great for early game living logs, because at the cost of 20 hp, he can make one. tree guards don't usually become common until ~day 100 of the world. and once you have ways of healing yourself comfortably (i'll go more into that later), it's a good investment. the other things in his crafting tab are ok, i personally just use bramble husk to pick cacti and fight off the big tentacle whenever we go to face the fuelweaver. i've found success in using the bramble trap very early on as hound control, then later upgrading to tooth traps when with a lot more hound teeth additional tips: - wormwood's inability to heal from food can be tough to deal with in the early game, but its super good to note that he can heal off of things like spider glands. later down the line, i like to bring around honey poultices and healing salves because a quick +20 hp is pretty nice. i also personally tend to have compost wraps (wormwood exclusive healing item) for +30. tents and siesta-lean-tos are also amazing for wormwood, especially since he can make so much food to quickly recover the hunger he slept off. i dont tend to use manure/guano/rot that often unless i took very miniscule amounts of damage and dont want to waste my larger heals on fixing it. - wormwood's bloom is super nice because its more speed at relatively little cost (he goes have an increased hunger drain, but it's barely noticeable). bloom happens automatically in spring but with reap what you sow, it's possible to have wormwood bloom year around. certain fertilizers applies to wormwood will trigger the bloom cycle. the easiest one to obtain early game is spoiled fish (letting fish morsels spoil). i use glommer goop later in the game because when a world goes on for a while, it gets easy to collect (+ it heals you, on top of starting the bloom cycle). it takes 3 days to fully bloom and i usually reapply fertilizer when wormwood starts to un-bloom (for lack of a better term) - wormwood has some of the best sanity management measures in the game. planting seeds/crops gives more sanity then destroying them. you don't have to often worry about losing sanity to chopping trees or digging up crops, because wormwood will gain more sanity by planting them down then he lost by destroying them. iirc, most plants give a net +5 to sanity. i usually end up keeping a whole lot of random seeds in my inventory to plant around when i start going crazy, and it leads to little silly moments where people find random crops growing around the world (also serves as emergency food! i had to rely on my own random seeds once) - bloom has 60 points of overheating protection in summer. gives you a little bit longer to find a way to cool down - wormwood's health won't be affected at all by food, including negative effects. if you accidentally made a monster lasagna or something, wormwood can eat it with relatively little consequence - bees are neutral towards wormwood, even in spring when they all become killer bees. they are attracted to wormwood, especially when he's in bloom - wormwood is immune to the effects of fire nettles and bindweeds so he can safely remove them from gardens also wormwood has THE best skins in the game. i especially love triumphant and hollow if anyone else wants to add anything to this, please do!
  17. yesterday i had a brief convo about how wx would be really stubborn when it came for asking to help also needed an excuse to draw wilson for once so it's a nice doodle, even if i only have a vague idea on how to draw wilson (or anyone else that isnt wx, wormwood, or webber) :')
  18. it'd be more like that time of the year. wormwood literally calls hay fever "happy time" and sort of! didn't have a good ref for wormwood's little trail of flowers (most of my pictures use a client mod where wormwood's flowers changes with his skin) so i came up with shapes. always liked the lotus-esque, chrysanthemum look of flowers so abigail subconsciously came to mind
  19. its been at least 2 years since i last drew something on mspaint, but after playing a few games of skribbl with friends, i sort of missed doing it so i drew on it again
  20. its fine honestly, i worry abt being redundant sometimes but i got to add new stuff so it didnt feel redundant anymore