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  1. drawing wx skins i either havent yet or havent drawn a lot of. here's snowfallen i wont lie ive always been a bit afraid to draw snowfallen bc of all the jagged ice edges but... i think i got it well enough
  2. yea borilla's dead its mistake was only covering part of itself in metal
  3. has anyone noticed this? wording here is interesting to me-- "original" verdant spring chest
  4. be wormwood. then the weeds cant bother you
  5. some forge related doodles. i just really like the edge
  6. i made a bunch of drawings for various wx artists i like. here's all of em a lot of red but thats what happens sometimes (ship)
  7. after hours of practicing and getting yelled at by people, i was finally able to win forge rounds as wx
  8. wolfgang and wx have more skins then wilson and that suprises me and wx has one skin from every set, just no extra. that'll change when they get a rework though, p cool chart edit: didnt see if before but winona also has one skin for every set. +1 extra. she currently has the most skins
  9. i also got silken grand armor skin but this is another character skin elegant within a month of the other one
  10. Sentient 6 - Nevermore my friend gave me this song and i immediately thought of wx so i drew this little comic/pmv thing. i cant make videos so this is the closest i'll get to it :')
  11. got this very flattering image after getting out of a gorge round also should note that i likely wont be posting art every day anymore-- i'll try to be as frequent as possible but due to personal reasons i am cutting back
  12. i asked for wx and we both decided to make ours sort of match so i put wx in there probably waiting for maxwell to get up. he wont, for a while
  13. i did an art trade with a friend! i never drew maxwell before this but i think it turned out fine its good for me to draw people and not robots/plants/monsters for once
  14. i've been trying to limit myself to one thing a day so i dont spend the whole day drawing and getting burnt out but i wanted to put my own spin on victorian wx (finally) without my usual loadout for them i honestly just wanted to sketch something but lighting has become really fun for me
  15. its no problem! i honestly don't really mind and thank you! ^^ but yea, im not super good at reforged (i can't tank for the life of me, despite really badly wanting to play wx) but im trying my best in pubs (luckily most people are nice and patient). i mainly play wilson and webber but tbh i'll try anyone (even tanks... even though i suck)
  16. i stayed up very late at night to finish this the reforged mod is becoming one of my favorite things
  17. i havent drawn like this in months? i just wanted a new icon for somewhere else
  18. what is the name of this set piece? i was told it was a set piece but couldnt find it on the wiki edit: also was told this might not be a set piece at all, and its just me being lucky with world gen i dont have any idea what this could be anymore
  19. toadstool has one of the coolest boss designs imo. too bad fighting him is pain yea this is based on that one stream drawing with wormwood
  20. here's some tips: - the lunar island is generated by separating an existing part of the mainland. you will have the best chances of finding it by searching for a flat edge of your mainland and sailing towards the edge. if you do not find it, find another flat, straight looking edge of your mainland and try sailing there - if you play woodie, you can use his weregoose form to run across the water quickly on the same straight edges without needing a boat. bring at least two idols and some food, since you will likely need one transformation on the way there, and one on the way back