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  1. have you been letting the spider dens grow to tier 3? spiders will break the walls if a queen spawns if you keep the den at tier 2, spiders shouldnt break the walls-- bunnies should get to them immediately
  2. remember when i did skin mashups? doing it again
  3. im curious as well-- especially since adult tallbirds instantly kill their babies
  4. nope, you only get 1 gear back hammers will give at least 50% of the materials back
  5. this may be completely useless information, but it's actually impossible to kill yourself as wormwood when crafting living logs if you make a living log with exactly 20 hp left, you'll still make the log, but you'll be left at 1 hp 19 hp for one log. what a steal!
  6. here it is in the files funny thing is, characters that weren't in forge or gorge all have quotes for stuff in the event
  7. "CRUSH THE ORGANICS! AHAHAHAH! WAIT NO NOT ME" -WX-78, examining the first phase of Celestial Champion
  8. ive been pretty tired and a lot of my attempts at drawing i wasnt happy with but really just decided to loosely make something and i ended up finishing it nobody really draws unfinished wx skin so i did also yea. im serious about potato battery wx now
  9. i like roseate's hair and im also personally very attached to all the pieces in that skin set bc i use them to dress up a lot of other characters
  10. i have two: the more recent one i had was wx rework getting announced on the 5th of august. it was at the end of an update post and talked about like it was nothing. i got excited then remembered that yesterday was some day in the middle of july and that's when i realized it was a dream and a few years ago at this point i had a dream of a dont starve musical. its very fuzzy but i know that my brain came up with a bunch of songs and filled in roles of my friends (who didnt even play dont starve) as certain characters. i wasnt an actor, i dont act, but i was still working on it in a backstage position. it was almost impressive but like i said... i dont remember many details
  11. tsuandere-78 strikes again the sparkles were more of an afterthought because i didnt like how plain the bg was
  12. i usually dont mind new players in reforged, but when they completely ignore me and mess up my own ability to play the game, then get mad at me for stuff i didnt do... i draw wx to feel less frustrated
  13. well the thing that was gonna happen on wensday didnt due to an unfortunate series of events, so i'll still be here for 2 or so weeks this is an au that one of my pals came up with, wx and wormwood personality swap wormwood is a forest guardian who, after a long time of living and seeing the destruction of plant life by creatures and survivors alike, grew very bitter towards anything that wasnt a plant in fear that they'd harm his (essentially) only family. he hates the moon for creating him and giving him no guidance while leaving him all alone with plants to endlessly protect. wx was created by wagstaff with the explicit purpose of finding and collecting data on the constant. they're very curious about everything and will take any opportunity they can to study and observe anything that might be new or different to the world that they knew. they're very careful about their research, since they want the most accurate data possible to be able to tell wagstaff allll about it later i got very invested in the idea of wormwood being able to manipulate the vines on their body to fight things and wanted to conceptualize how their first meeting would go! not well, clearly. wx was likely picking samples off some nearby bushes and caught the attention of wormwood with it
  14. "I AM AWARE I HAVE THAT EFFECT ON FLESHLINGS" it would've been funny if it was based on something that actually happened, but no. my friend asked for wx and maxwell doing something evil together and graverobbing came to my mind i did end up scrapping another drawing of the same request based on us playing together in the new beta. here it is: we bullied some of the new gators (to death)
  15. after tonight i'll most likely be down for a week or so i went to people and asked them to give me wx prompts to draw, this is what i got (ships)
  16. i didn't know that happened but i hate the thought of that like i get losing them if they or the den gets attacked, that's more easily controlled but environmental stuff is completely unpredictable and just seems more frustrating then justified
  17. imo most body armor doesnt work for me. i love my backpacks and krampus sacks too much
  18. a bit of a shorter timeframe for when i usually have a next post but... if i can post inconsistently then so be it i asked my friends for what wx skin to draw next and most of them said verdant
  19. drawing wx skins i either havent yet or havent drawn a lot of. here's snowfallen i wont lie ive always been a bit afraid to draw snowfallen bc of all the jagged ice edges but... i think i got it well enough
  20. yea borilla's dead its mistake was only covering part of itself in metal