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  1. what are they pulling? the image is really small
  2. if wx and wes stood next to each other, who gets struck by lightning first?
  3. yea, but i'll probably try again another day, i love that gif a lot tbh wormwood's quote for butterfly wings is one of my favorite things ever now
  4. webber..... rework..... i wanted to do something better but ran out of time
  5. i thought wilson was an european immigrant to america? nice tier list otherwise
  6. here's my takes: 1. webber has quotes about hating the darkness and wanting a nightlight, so i imagine the boy side of him hates the darkness more then the spider side is okay with it 2. what BezKa said, she died outside of the constant 3. WX has quotes where they explain that they have mechanical parts akin to a human. CPU for brain, chemical engine for stomach, smelling module for nose (maybe), etc. they also say they have fuel reserves. they're probably built like this because electricity isnt always accessable (in winter/spring, sun levels are pretty low, lightning doesnt strike all the time, etc.) 4. again, what Bezka said! 5. in dont starve hamlet, webber gets something called the shamlet mask, which allows him to be friendly toward pigs. and iirc, in all the solo dont starve dlcs, you can travel between the dlcs while taking some of your items
  7. i honestly imagined that it had something to do with during/shortly after wx's creation, like abandonment or wx developing their own thoughts beyond what wagstaff made, hey, even possibly something wagstaff implemented himself (wx's character icon has them on a bluebrint with a crossed out heart) thats more speculation then actual fact, but its fun to think about!!
  8. what about the new creatures, like saladmanders? and the new trees? i cant imagine anything that could've swam over/got transported to become those organisms
  9. about the lunar island: how did all that life populate the island so quickly? the piece of the moon fell by the time the survivors were there and in the turn of tides trailer, when they got on, it was already full of plants and animals evolution exists in ds/t-- maxwell comments about how the dangling depth dwellers evolved in the constant, but that process usually takes a very long time did evolution on the moon just.... speed up at mach rates? or was all that life already INSIDE the moon or something and it just fell out? the moon's crack looks hollow in future trailers, but that might be just the art style
  10. im nervous to post more ship-like stuff but im gonna try anyway and at least block it for anyone that stumbles upon here and doesnt want to see shipy art
  11. redraw of the last panel of a quick comic i made a while back i just think they'd be friends, or at least as friendly as wx considers friendly bees dont attack wormwood in spring, and wx loves bees original: + bonus sketch when i forgot i was supposed to draw blooming wormwood
  12. small doodle as i prepare for grander drawings quotes referring to other characters are my favorites
  13. it is webber's birthday and reign of giant's anniversary. i felt obligated
  14. i did!! thought it'd look better with more orange and blue, it's not perfect right now but i'm looking to play around with it more i made that doodle at 5 am (a bit of a long story) but wx does look broody and anime-like. love webber's child energy, so i had to keep it i've seen other concepts of shattered spider webber on tumblr before and they were great... thought i'd draw one my way! i did notice that they don't look so much like a child anymore, too caught up trying to make him look unsettling. i think i'll try again another time, but thank you so much for the feedback!!
  15. VERY excited about next week. skins are some of my favorite parts about dont starve together, and i wonder what the new skins are gonna be. it'd be cool if they were moon/enlightened themed so have a doodle of shattered spider webber
  16. quotes where characters mention other characters in dst are my favorite wendy (examining faux fangs): "Now Webber and I can match" webber (when wormwood is a murderer): "Wickerbottom says we can't be friends anymore!" willow (examining lucky cat jar): "I don't want Ms. Wickerbottom to get sad. Let's burn it!" wilson (examining back scratcher): "Wigfrid keeps jumping out and hitting me with it?!" wolfgang (examining lying robot): "Angry metal friend WX would like this, yes!"
  17. are homemade memes allowed i am... quite new to posting on these forums
  18. hello, im sky (but you can also call me ground, if you really want) and i'm new to the forums (talking is... not my strong suit) i love all the art here, and thought i could share some myself i mainly make doodles, but there's the occasional rendered piece as well and it's mostly just fanart, but there's occasional ideas as well