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  1. i got my first fuelweaver victory last night and decided to celebrate that with a doodle
  2. i've been putting off these doodles for like a week but i finally did it and enjoy it a lot
  3. i forgot abt context! oops the pink haired person is a modded character, cus someone's playing her on the server where this comes from basically every dusk i'd stand in the middle of the oasis (not sure why, other then i was particular about it) and cut my arms off for logs before sleeping in the tent for all my health back and it became a meme the first image i posted (yesterday) was a result of the wilson i was playing with going "hey, wanna see my impression of you?" then did the bonesaw emote and i thought it was really funny
  4. depends on what species of vine he actually is i suppose he's most likely some fictional species, but things like grape vines can live up to 120 years and he can also make living logs, he might have some tree/tree root in him so maybe that's even longer but if only we knew specifics, klei has always been secretive about time passage, character ages and whatnot. pretty good guess, though!
  5. how old is wormwood, approximately? like is he younger then everyone else, or was he created some age in the middle, or maybe older? i have no idea
  6. every dusk i'd cut my arms off then sleep in a tent so i get where he's coming from
  7. i have sacked 2,860+ hp for bramble traps and suits
  8. i have no idea if i'll finish this so sketch it stays more of a hc thing, as i like to imagine character skins as aus of sorts i imagine triumphant wormwood would be able to grow shadows out of the ground directly, sort of like the nightmare ramparts
  9. wormwood is severely underappreciated this is 1120 health in one image
  10. pov: you are the worst lightning rod the grass geckos also live in eternal fear... guarded by the world's fattest, fluffiest warden
  11. started off doodling and then decided to make it look nice based off wormwood's glommer quote: "You're nice. Stay close"
  12. i like wx's plant skins and i like wormwood so i doodled them because honestly im tired and wanna nap
  13. decided to play with new people last night killer bee was terrorizing a pengull for most of winter and it was dead set on killing that bird
  14. other characters saw it as "using what you got" but if wx actually has a potato battery then i think wagstaff cracked something about potatoes nobody else did and i would be cruel too if i heard nothing but "STALE FOOD IS JUST AS GOOD" every time i left the ice box
  15. 1 like = 1 potato battery saved from getting munched context:
  16. wormwood skin mashup for myself bc he has some of my favorite skins
  17. here's some doodles! i also imagine the inscriptions glow when in use
  18. i got both of them! decided to color this time