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  1. in one world i got one from the first winter then the 2nd winter got another one 10% per fight is low but its not crazy
  2. art trades with @CodexCorporis and another friend finally, i draw human characters how i want to
  3. reminds me of the time i accidentally telelocated a saladmander back to base made a krampus farm on the lunar island and the little guy got attached to the scaled furnace. didnt want him burning down the catapults so i telelocated them out turns out the telelocator was loaded and the saladmander found a new scaled furnace on the mainland to get attached to don't play on that world anymore but i will alwaus remember frank
  4. debated posting this in general since its uhh, edgier then what i usually draw but im deciding to give it a shot Brass Goggles - Steam Powered Giraffe
  5. i've started using an idea i saw in a video where you put watches in a chest then "label" them with items the area comes from you put the watches in one row, then the items above the watch corresponding to the location it goes to (shell bell for pearl's island, thulecite for ruins, etc.)
  6. i saw wanda's leaked halloweed skin and immediately knew what i had to do (p.s. when did i get this badge under my icon? i also saw my friend here get it too)
  7. a lot of the mobs used for the halloween costumes aren't really scary ive been thinking sea weed because the bloom design would be obvious
  8. i though a sea weed would be more fitting for him
  9. i play characters for aesthetics rather then abilities. i have little to no other reason for being a wx main other then i like all the skins
  10. is there a mod or command for moving antlion? she spawned in the middle of our base and it was too hard to see the dots to find her earlier
  11. wilson can actually lift it, he's proficient in melee weapons in forge he's just generally not supposed to. or else he cant use his doctor hands to necromance people back to life
  12. i dont know if its my art unless it has wx with the blacksmith's egde
  13. friend and i did another art collab where i tried to make a bg i sketched the bg, they sketched wx and wormwood, they colored the bg, and i colored the two. i hope that was ok to follow
  14. does wanda get healed from wortox souls? i dont think so, but thought i would ask
  15. i like the sound design for wanda! maybe an underappreciated part of the game in general, but the chain rattles of her alarming clock, her voice being clock ticks, its amazingly fitting.
  16. iirc a beefalo hud mod cant be made client side becausebbeefalo taming information is stored in the server
  17. i spent too long when it was originally supposed to be a joke. i really thought making hand blended gradients would be a good idea
  18. i didnt actually imagine it as a romance but that certainly is different wortox's examination quotes for wx suggest a lot of teasing and trying to push their buttons. also felt that wx would be uncomfortable with being touched, and since they dont have a soul, wortox could put a hand on their shoulder without any actual consequence in the au this idea stems from, snowfallen and verdant are sworn enemies. so no wonder they don't really like each other maybe shouldve exaggerated poses and expressions a bit more