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  1. It started in the early game but the duplicants would get stuck in places and I'd use yellow alert to try and save them but most of the time only one person would do anything about it. At that time I had people with special priorities so I thought that was the issue. Later down the line I came to a point where I really needed something done and just needed to swap some vent pipes I already had placed with some insulated ones. My base was boiling and I had no food and at first all 10 of them were doing the large order just fine. But as they started dying and the order got smaller and more detrimental they decided they didn't need to do it. So I made the swap a yellow alert and they still weren't doing it. So I also removed their priorities and made them all the same and they still just ignored the yellow alert and just went right past it. Stocking the gens that were beyond it but just ignoring it. I also remember yellow alert didn't use to force the duplicants to ignore their base instincts of sleep and whatnot and the whole game my duplicants seemed to be doing that.