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  1. Hi! Can you expand upon your counter argument of Mike23Ua’s comment? I see where he’s coming from but I’m interested in hearing more from you if you have anything else you can share on this!
  2. So my friend and I both really like to utilize Abigail. I know it would be smarter to use Wolfgang or another character, but we enjoy playing Wendy best. We have not tried a game with both of us as Wendy. I know a single Wendy/Abigail isn’t great for bosses, but if both of us are playing her, would it be viable? We are pretty new to the game. The only other character that looks interesting for me to play is Willow, which I’m open to if 2 Wendy’s is an absolutely terrible idea that’s doomed for failure. Thanks for the help in advanced! We have only played through Fall together, and I’ve played a little bit of winter in the past. I’ve been looking up guides which has helped my gameplay over the last few days, but all advice is greatly appreciated!! I’ve been searching for answers to this question for a while and haven’t found anything. If anybody has resources on this topic please let me know!