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  1. the mist would be a liquid very volatile, it would evaporate at normal temperatures (for your base) and would have a very small specific heat capacity changing temperature quickly, the spiders could generate a tiny amount of heat that would boil the liquid into mist.
  2. ashkan has made a snowman with stuff that he has found, what he doesn't know is that he used some enriched uranium in his snowman. have some snow man in the start of the summer or start of winter in the south hemisphere.
  3. Well hello, I think you added to many water moonlets to your whistling pot, try to lower the temperature by turning down the heat from your magma stove, or lower the steam pressure by carefully opening the pressure valve of the pot for a bit of time. If the pressure in the pot continues please check in your whistling pot user manual for further information, thanks for your patience. -blueberry pi