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  1. And radiation levels from space would be lower as well, making the radbolt generation for the temporal tear opener challenging. Tho wheezeworts solve this a little bit.
  2. The refinery uses 1200 watts, the small power transformer only lets 1000 watts through, connect the refinery directly to the heavy watt wire or connect the extra wire from the second transformer to the refinery circuit to get 2000 watts max in that line.
  3. Hello, welcome to my art space, look around and get comfortable. the tour will start soon. This is a useful piece of art, sweepy as a pen sharpener with pen holders, lets see our dear friend as he faces the real world and finds his purpose. Come later for more sweet art and thanks for taking a look at my work.
  4. there are pips, drecko, shine bugs, prince puft, a hatch, there was a pokeshel or two but they were harming the other critters. a buddy bud, hexalent plant, water weed, meal wood, arbor tree, oxyfern, pincha pepper nut, mirth leaf, bristle blossom, you tried dusk cap and thimble reed. i recommend some long hair slicksters as they will consume excess oxygen produced and will look beautiful.
  5. good for you babba, as i have recently been working in a more functional piece of art, a sweepy pencil sharpener and eraser container, soon it will be finished. for now thanks for the tips.
  6. There are and will be new seeds in the terrain of this game, these need attention and instruction to grow love to the game. but some searching for answers may not find them, growing thorns and damaging the landscape. What i'm saying is that sometimes people will need the fundamentals, knowing what the gears and springs do can help you make a working clock, your own design which you are proud of. Your work and the time you put into making these is important for others, i say thank you, for considering the small and the slow, for answering their questions.
  7. something to add, when you inspect the neural vacillators it will give you various research notes indicating that critters were also designed by the facility in their efforts to spread life, except gassy moos those seem to be of alien origen. dont worry about those fossils in the oil biome, its more likely that they are of animal origen , given that the asteroid comes from earth's crust and there are fossils in earth. there is more if you want to know
  8. I got to petroleum rockets *looks back at, what?, 40 colonies before* got myself a oily asteroid with fullerene in the 2000 Km mark, launched my rocket with a cargo and what do i get, 2.98 Kg of fullerene, two rounds of super coolant, the rest 0.98 only reminds me of the force of gravity 9.8 m/s2. liquid oxygen is forming, the cooling loop it's half filled, research is almost done, one rocket, changed many times got me to this point, there is already a shield of bunker tiles in space, no solar, no space scanner, only eye, a switch and the door. space is hard, it's a long wait and can be harsh. all times the most simple solutions that work are the best ones, getting rare resources, not so simple.
  9. Ah yes the hydro cactus, an addition or something like that, it's a cool concept but not very well known, ¿do you even know about the existence of this plant? well it does exists. I wanted to recommend something and change the mechanic of this plant, first the water filtration, i know diversity is a good thing but water filtration is good enough already (i think), change it so it consumes water, 5 Kg or more per cycle, i mean there are tons and tons of water in all clusters together *looks at the water geysers and water moonlet* let it consume carbon dioxide which doesn't really have that much use and produce a bulbous fruit and a chance of getting more seeds, let's make it interesting when harvested it will show an animation of the blue bulb in the cactus launching upwards, like the cork in a bottle (what the exploding cucumber does in really life, when it accumulates water creating enough pressure to launch it's seeds to reproduce), other than that the harvest its like any other plant. The hydro cactus would harm any critter or dupe without a suit, giving an alternative to drowning those sweet faces. the bulbous fruit would be used in an apothecary (yes i remember its name and function) with balm lily flower to produce green supplement, it's not food, dupes can eat it and get an attribute for 2 cycles, ¿what attribute? you can give a suggestion bellow and how many points, the bulbous fruit could also be cooked with plant meat and lettuce to make a meat salad, the questions about this salad fills a dupes stomach. recommend the quantity of water per cycle and how many cycles does it takes to grow in the wild and domestic states. thank you for reading.
  10. the opening of the tear has disrupted the orbits of many small objects, fear for your life and take shelter, ¡it's the end of the world! (literally the temporal tear is in the edge of space) also that beam is quite powerful, enough to break space time, it would be cool if it destroyed tiles in its way and left them as debris even very hard tiles, like a robo-miner that can break through neutronium and other stuff.
  11. water weeds, these poor plants don't get the recognition they deserve, you only need 2.5 plants if you eat the lettuce raw and dupe harvest it (3.33 if no auto harvest), that's the same as a sleet wheat making frost buns or pepper bread, and a single tame squeaky puft can feed a lot of plants (even if it's complicated to ranch them), a single salt water geyser can sustain lots of plants, even the weaker ones. they consume much less water than sleet wheat (60 kg salt water per harvest vs 360 kg water per harvest, both per plant), they need less cooling and you can cool down the farm instead of the salt water from the geyser, you can combine it with wild dusk caps to make mushroom wraps. So i recommend a complex circuit taming the easily cooled chlorine vent, and salt water vent, bringing the resources together, ranching and maintaining a squeaky puft and growing water weeds semi-industrially.
  12. automatic notifier 19 special message: now playing astronomical plan. Nikola: hello you are hearing this as a special message because i want to keep it secret from evil powers, in my observations of the night sky i could detect a certain mass of mixed gasses, these gasses seem to come from a big astro, different from previously observed asteroid fields as the resources coming from most of these are not gasses due to temperature, this astro its out of view from the radius of this planetoid, to examine its surface and possible sustainability to form a colony i'm gonna need to launch a primitive rocket powered by compressed co2, if my observations from the rocket result correct, i will start the construction of a much durable rocket for the journey, this information needs to be keep a secret as powerful forces might find interest in the colonisation of this planetoid, this could be my only hope of a secure home. but before observing the astro i must prepare all the supplies that i need for both travels, the launch of the rockets must be very close to each other to avoid suspicion, if you find this because you knew where to look and it's your last hope, these are the coordinates of the hex where to look, the planetoid is out of range of any basic rocket so you'll need to be creative to get there. (coordinates) as for the home i'll leave behind, well there isn't too much here anymore, my observations of various places in the planetoid tell me we are almost at resource exhaustion, there isn't too much left for this sad rock. we called it our home but we left it with nothing. another mission of this rocket is to conserve the fauna and flora of this place and bring it somewhere more livable, thank you for listening and i hope this information can help you. finally to the rock that saw my printing and development i say sorry.
  13. Some of your slicksters are turning into long hair ones, heat up a bit the place or insulate a bit better the oil biome, if they are only temporary no problem. ¡Great job so far!
  14. its solar panel and rocket battery ---> main grid and smart battery when night comes or solar power is not enough it will stop feeding the main grid, the main grid is your generators. if there is no power coming from the solar and rocket batteries the smart battery will go down activating the generators to fill in the gap, any other question? :j
  15. Automatic notifier 19 *tick* *tock* Nikola: coming closer *a weakened spark* slowly into your place *spring bounce*, there you go just like new. Cycle: 82 That took some time, i'm not the best at repairing things, i'm more on biological solutions but it's great to have a measure of time again, i took a little bit of time to start building some things, found some more useful things, i'll try to describe that place. it had a lot of vines that identified them as pincha pepperplants. in the rocky, bleachy and caustic soil grew magnificent and vivid balm lilies, they have medical properties so i grabbed a few flowers, these bloms don't wither, and grow in those suffocating and irritating biomes that i found, all this dense foliage gives it the name of jungle, anyway i found some algae, bussy organisms that made my breathing much more easy, i... diffused them into oxygen and saved some algae for later. *abyss bug appears* Oh hi little shine bug, oh little abyss bugs, abandoned their luminous ways in exchange for a longer lifespan but inside it's hidden the most shiny of lights, waiting to be passed to their children if their diet is right and when that moment arrives, a crystalline radiant bug will give the world a last shine, oh but that's not all for these critters as their radiation emission has not stopped, one is completely safe but too many can be deadly. I started to build some machinery and refined some metal, i'm not good with machines so the process was quite slow and tedious, refined some iron and carbon and i dug to the surface to start building something, all my machines are powered by a wood burner, it does not produce much power but it makes enough carbon dioxide and heat for what i need, i'm still waiting for someone to get close to the opening i found, but there hasn't been to many people around, i suspect they have moved their location away from the ruins they left after that fight, tho someone is still printing stuff... I may be able to build all of this but without a slickster this whole plan is not gonna work. *speaker starts making noise* "hello all of you silly traitors, i was kind enough to organise a little truce with a delicious feast, it's your downtime after all, come and eat, don't be shy" oh no, that was ren, this can't be good, but it's my only opportunity to get someone to help me, they are gonna reunite in the mess hall where my little opening is...
  16. What if AETN drops a cooling module and the iron its made of when deconstructed, then we use this cooling module to build another AETN, this time how a dupe would build something, this new AETN would have double the cooling power but would use 3 times the hydrogen or a similar ratio, it would be inefficient but more powerful, this limits the number of AETN in the world but it's easier than having it use different resources or have a blueprint which could be copied and copied, something similar to this idea.
  17. Hmmm seeing how in the test branch there is a building that can get rid of the neutronium in artifacts and that the devs said, it dropped something special along the way, i think we are gonna be able to get neutronium from the artifacts and use it to unlock the temporal tear or something similar because isn't the source of neutronium also the source of the temporal tear.
  18. Here we are after 22 days of development, to bring you the most recent technology of oxidizer storage in real life, behold! The solid oxidizer tank. ¡Now roll the commercial like a music record! The product will be available in your local intergalactic store in the following 3 eons, ¡enjoy! Extra material: Disclaimer: does not include small petroleum engine, oxidizer not included, care should be taken when loading the tank with oxidizer, highly corrosive contents, can burst due to pressure built up.
  19. Automatic notifier 19 Cycle: Nikola: *cough* hello * cough* i started digging around, some old blueprints of the colony tell me the oil biome should be around here *cough* the air down here is mostly carbon dioxide, there is nothing to consume it so it rests down here, can't get through the abyssalite so I'm searching for another opening apart from the one the others made, because that long tunnel is all tiles. I'm particularly looking for a ruin, they seem to connect some biomes by breaking the abyssalite seal, temperature down here is increasing, that's a good sign. you may wonder ¿Why am i here? For oil, i have a plan to escape this place but I need quite complicated stuff to get. wait a minute, hmm this formation is the right temperature but it's not insulated by abyssalite, rather is a mix between granite and obsidian... I dug around, it's a full circle around a heat source, bellow it's the barren lithosphere, a hard crust containing iron, granite, igneous rock and small blobs of obsidian, nothing I can dig through or the others, the geology of the circle resembles a geode.... The oil is inside, there is no oil biome. Cycle: Nikola: hello again *cough* the carbon dioxide is rising, oxygen is decreasing in pressure. Oxygen production must have stopped or has been limited. They won't kill us by hand, they'll kill us by air *cough*, I'll be ok i accessed more bits of the initial forest, oxyferns are by hope, the pip planted them in my cavern.... Little bits of oxygen from the oxyferns are all i have *cough*, but co2 poisoning is a real treat. With all the air i could store in my lungs i headed to the geode, the amount of oil they were talking about must have been stored inside, but the illusion of reaching an oil biome can only be achieved by the surrounding material and fauna *cough* there are distant sounds inside, the little snorings of a sleepy slickster larva, there must be slicksters inside. *slickster snorings* *slickster sucks in air* *slickster sucks in air* *slickster excrudes oil* *slickster excludes oil* I left the recorder to listen them for a while, there are two adult sounds coming from inside but only one small, as there is enough space for them to have 2 eggs and there is only 1 larva, there must be another egg inside. Oil will become a scarce resource, but there is no other way in except for the sealed tunnel, i need someone inside *more serious cough* sooner than later there will be no more air. There have been steps in the nearby area, the printing pod printed something, i can't see who is around, I'll wait a bit more, the critters will be fine they don't need oxygen *cough*, as for me i need to rest close to the oxyferns.
  20. automatic notifier 19: pleaseeeeeeeeeeee *static* tyype cu-cu-cuuurent location. Cycle 7-7777777777 *static* *multi tools stop* *small debris falls to the ground* Nikola: oohhh what a damage you took box of wires, i don't have all the aluminium ore in the world to be always fixing you. Well they stopped, hmm the cycle counter inside is broken, nothing to fix it for now, gonna have to be the time keeper now. Something happened up there for a good while, parts of the ceiling fell down, some igneous rock took a hard hit at my improvised recorder but i'm ok, this hole event uncovered more bits of those old ruins, this one seems to contain a bathroom and barracks similar in design to ours, but the tiles that compous it ar diferent, it's at least a place to rest and live for a while- *sand is moved* *crawling sounds* what was that, is somebody there? *suffocated chirping* i'm gonna take a closer look, hello- *creature falls tired to the ground* oh dear printing pod, what happened to you... come on, come on codex, here divergents: they are a kind of critter composed of two very different but closely related individuals, hmmm sweetle no, here grub grub. what do you need poor grub grub? how can i help you? *grub grub slowly turns his head to a sulfur block and starts liking it* do you want this, hmmm grub grubs and sweetles feed off sulfur, *multi tool starts drilling* there eat this. *grub grub eats slowly the sulfur* you are injured, rest here for now *nikola turns to the notifier*, it seems to have come from a hole in these runs, it's been crawling for a while in search of help, the hole from where he came contains various grub fruit plants but they seem to be more fertile than the ones i found before, *sweetles clik clik* oh there are other ones, they were trapped by the falling sand and debris. There you are, all free now *sweetles clik happily* *sweetles start running with the call of a grub grub*. they seem to respond to the call of help from the grub grub, they help the grub grub by liking sulfur and applying it to its wounds, that's all for now. cycle *strong static sounds* Nikola: ugh i forgot to remove the cable to the broken counter, *static stops* much better, i've been looking at the sweetles and grub grub, the grub grub is recuperating, some sweetles get close to me and click happily, i think they communicate with each other and are thankful for my help *pip squeaks*, oh sorry pip i forgot to mention you, it is better down here, even if food may become scarce, i've been running a little experiment and have concluded that divergents will tend to any plant but will make grub fruit plant grow into a more plenty full form, sweetles effect on a plant is small, grub grubs on the other hand will make the plant grow 2 times faster their only downside is that they are more food consuming- grub grub don't eat all the sulfur don't be greedy, yeah the sulfur in these carvens is not too plentiful, *sweetle makes a lump of sucrose* and sweetles transform the ingested sulfur into sucrose, grub grubs seem to also be able to consume sucrose which fills them much more than sulfur. I think it's cycle 78..... i really haven't been able to keep my time count straight. at least in the cell i had dupe interactions with ren's visits, even if they were only hurful comments and tireful job errands, the apparent silence is killing me, my only comfort is these critters and plants, i started looking around the parts of the ceiling that have tiles in them, a little opening leading me to our mess hall reveals nothing more than silence, except for the shining light in the distant of the abandoned printing pod, how long has it been waiting, storing it's blueprints and escence in the hopes that somebody will come and print something, something useful, something to cure the suffering of its children, something to make echo in the empty space, if only i could reach it, but deconstructing in the zone is forbidden, building seems to have been enabled, power in ren's hands may have slipped enough for this to happen. sometimes i dream of a better place, always outside our reach, an oasis in the middle of this cold, dead space, something unreachable, something precious, *sigh* that's- that's all for now.
  21. Automatic notifier 15: prison cycle 27 Nikola: hello, hello, ¡come on old piece of machinery! Internal system now set to: record Nikola: there that will do, hello this is Nikola, its cycle 27 i believe, in my 6 days being here i never thought of being held in a prison, ¡i’m innocent!, even if they don’t believe. Im recording these messages as a way of relief me and preserving my discoveries, i think there isn’t much time before they kill me or maybe hunger will kill me. cycle 33 Nikola: well i think i live for a bit longer, ren has gave me some supplies for research but i do all the rest myself, they want me alive for some time but I’m a very observant person and i know ren’s ways, once i’m done they won’t need me anymore. Cycle 41 Nikola: i’ve been quite busy for a while, echos in the colony tell me they have found oil, quite an achievement finding any with the geology of this place. Ren unlocked a door in the back, it seems to lead to some sort of old ruins, he sent some dupes with a pip, a seed and some materials, they never gave me a look nor a word. he said that it’s more efficient this way, they built a compost and the pip planted the seed, it’s branches and caps say its an arbor tree. Cycle 43 Nikola: supplies are not coming, i now know what ren was saying, i must make my own samples for research, at least the pip and arbor tree give me some more dirt, seeing the tree slowly grow, gives me hope. cycle 51 Nikola: finally a relief from that cell, i’ve been transported to the cold surface, the rocky and semi-frozen terrain was my place to live for a while, they made me a telescope and meep looks after me, what i do, what i see, he knows everything, he’s a bit of a puppet in ren’s hands. the beautiful sky gave me relif but the powerful rays from the sun gave sunburns, the absence of asteroids make my fears true, there is no place close to go from our rocky prison. Ren isn’t very happy about that so he got me back to my cell. Cycle 54 Nikola: yesterday there were multi tool sounds, things are happening out there. cycle 55 Nikola: outside of my cell i saw nails being put into a bigger room, i think i’m not the only one not happy with ren’s leadership. The pip makes good company but sometimes messes with my dirt bin in search for seeds, the arbor tree has grown fully and i have harvested one of his branches, it contains a high amount if ethanol compounds which make it good for power, i don’t think they’ll miss having one. Automatic notifier 19: please type current location... cycle 75 Nikola: there, now you work, hello, a good time has passed, they didn’t wanted me anymore... ren tried to kill me but it was his downtime so he saved the killing for later, all of this got to my nerves and in an act of despair i broke one of the tiles from the floor, the hole lead to some caverns in the asteroid, i secured the pip and an arbor corn, then i jumped in... *sigh* the place is not too welcoming but its safe, they think i’m dead. I left my stuff hidden away from my opening and a cycle later the hole was closed. i found what my codex describes as a grub fruit plant, lots of plants really- *shattering sounds* *distant multi tools fire* Nikola: what’s going on up there.
  22. seems like something a skill master in programing would overknow about or overflow around
  23. Mom pockeshell is not gonna be very happy about her egg being stolen....
  24. erm, i feared this will happen, they take a bit of time to make, i may make a small solid oxidizer tank next, as for the delivery you can go to your closest delivery company and say the secret words.
  25. ¿enjoying your new rocket? mae, you just now need a solid oxidizer tank and solo spacefarer nosecone. ¡Small petroleum rocket now available at your local intergalactic store for only 200 refined metal and 5 D (dupe coins)! "commercials music starts playing" (Please don't buy, this took so much time to make) it's 90% recycled materials. call at 000 000 0000 to buy your very own small petroleum rocket.(please not) Disclaimer: fuel not included, it is not able to fly, does not obey laws of physics, may cause irritation, eventual overheating and possibly death, blueberry pi corporation is not responsible for any injury that the toy may cause to the user.