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  1. Well done Klei Team, you deserve everyone’s respect for your Work. Thank you very much ❤️
  2. First of all Thank you for your respond. To answer your question...I receive the damaged safedata notification when I try to load my world with 815 days. After few seconds of loading the game breaks up loading and tells me that. My second world with 58 days is actually loading and I can play so there is espacially a problem with the ,,bigger world´´. I only have problems with the 800+ days world. As I mentioned I made a rollback right in the moment where psn had server issues maybe that is somehow the cause, because aufter the rollback I immediately tried to reload but than I received this note. I uploaded a new file maybe you can find the issue and could tell. So sadly it seems that I lost my world where I spend nearly a year but yeah.. it happens. :/ If you find something interesting towards my data let me know, maybe I can avoid that something like that happens in future. Thank you very much, you are doing a great job, such an awesome game. best regards David
  3. Hello lovely Klei Team, First of all thank you that you fixed the servers. But now I have a personal problem and maybe others too. I am on day 816 and I killed Klaus after that I opened the loot stash and immediately save game and quit. Than I rollback to open the stash again, but now after the server issues I cant loggin again, because I get the notification that my world is damaged and can not load anymore. Time of rollback: It was exactly at the moment where all this server issues actually began, maybe this is the cause of the data damage I did this kind of rollbacks really often but I never had this issue up to this point. In the following I attached the save data file, maybe a code or something is wrong :/ I would be so greatful if you could help me please. What can I or You do to rescue my world Thank you for your attention