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  1. The best possible reason would be that a fire started as you were leaving your base for the summer. If a fire is going on while not loaded on your screen the flingos won't work on those.
  2. A few suggestions I came up with while watching someone's video on this topic. First of all. I think It'll be great if you also added a setting that'll let you choose between Grass Gecko and Grass Turf for Grass sources of the world. And same goes for Twigs and Berries. It would be a great addition for this update. Second Suggestion. I saw that change with the server commands menu. I'm positive about it but. I think It'll be better if when you regenerate the world the world regens according to the world creation settings and not the default world creation settings. That's all that has been stuck in my head for a while. Thanks for reading this :)