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  1. Sure, but that doesn't mean she can't have some sort of character growth or simply have gardening as something she breaks character for, like she does when entering/leaving light. Like I mentioned in my first post, I understand the reasoning for her current dialogue choices relating to farming but I still think there is room for improvement and I'd really like for those quotes to be changed.
  2. I'd love it if Wigfrid's lines when tending to crops could get a rework (ie. an attitude adjustment). While the current dialogue seems inline with her character, the hostile demeanor said lines reflect are difficult to appreciate. As someone who has been a Wigfrid main since EA, I never gravitated towards gardening in DST. While the rework has made gardening quite appealing, I tend stick to aspects of the game our ginger performance artist excels in. That said, I'm not one to shirk away from contributing to a camp's crop cultivation and will always help in tending to crops whenever I walk by a garden. It would be nice to be able to do so without Wigfrid being such a downer about it though. There's certainly no shortage of lines Wigfrid could utter that would remain in-character for her, but with a more positive spin. How about "May yöu gröw ströng and fierce like me!" or a more on-the-nose "Even meatballs are better with a side öf carröts." Heck, maybe add in some references from Norse mythology with a "May Freyja prötect yöu!" I'm certain the talented and twisted minds at Klei are capable of coming up with a Valkyrie who has a more optimistic view of the fillers her recipes require.
  3. Oh, yes! "Bestiary" would be a more fitting term for this kind of catalogue than "Hunter's Journal."
  4. I recently learned of the Compendium Cookbook and Plant Registry in DST. It was a fun challenge trying to complete all the entries in their respective Compendium section and I wanted to express my desire for an additional Hunter's Journal to be added to the game. I really enjoyed how to Compendium encouraged me to discover and learn new facets of the game I would not have otherwise thought to explore. Having a way to track monster/boss encounters is a feature I've longed for since back when the game was in Early Access, and with the addition of the Compendium into the game I feel a Hunter's Journal would make for a welcomed and fitting follow-up component in DST.