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  1. Oh yeah it is funny sometimes to just let them run around in underwear though I really like the default outfit designs too, if we could have it like a standard inventory where you can add it onto them like any other cosmetics you buy would probably work really well to have the underwear and default needs!
  2. Hey y'all, first of all, I really love this game and the content being put into it! And I surely do love messing with character customization, although there is one bit that I wish was in the game, which is having default outfits that you could choose for the characters even when you switch the heads, since when you switch head the characters get into underwear and I really like some head designs that I'd like to use with default look, maybe even have expressions on specific characters changed depending on the skin? (Like Guest of Honor Wilson, switch is bored face into his default look. But it would only be possible if the head changes the hair and not entire face like Mad Scientist that adds goggles) I've made some photo edits to show what I mean! I could probably one of the few people who is interested in it, or maybe not! Anyways lots of love from me <3