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  1. That literally can be said about any character. Why have Willow when you can make a torch and kill the nightmares yourself? Why have Wendy when you can recruit pigs and let them do the fighting? Why have Maxwell when you can gather stuff yourself. All characters do is add a new flavor and that's it, the only charcter that actually adds new mechanics is Wurt because she unlocks the Merm king and merm companions. Webber, Wolfgang, Wigfrid, Wickerbottom, etc they don't do anything you can't already do as Wilson. Hell Wolfgang and WX barely even have a power. Same as we can have several characters for gathering, or several characters for combat, we can have several characters for engineering. The characters with their unique crafting tabs are very few and only thing Winona has is a catapult. They can do lots of things for Wagstaff, rework him even, give him new crafting items or something. So we're removing Wendy because only she can use Abigail flower? Wickerbottom's books too? And it's funny you think the thumper undermines shadow loggers/miners when they already undermine Woodie. Feels like you're trolling.
  2. Well it's good to know the thread was started by someone from asia mad they can't self insert in Don't Starve without their facial features being projected in the videogame and not by an european fetishizing and treating other cultures and people like play toys. Gotta admit though the whole "Asian culture = ninjas" combined with a "it's our duty to patronizingly speak for other groups in their behalf, oh our terrible burden" is a hilarious mix. Sure, tone deaf, but still hilarious.
  3. Must be a special restriction placed on certain people, Webber mains get nothing. And I approve of that.
  4. They don't show up in the Klei page section of transactions until you open the game. They work like the daily gift drops
  5. I'm just interested in the summer skin Wolfgang will get. He better wear a thong.
  6. I don't think Klei has the balls to make Charlie evil so this whole thing of her sending us to fight all the enemies of "Them" and the nightmare throne, like the pigs in the Forge, giving a snicker to the Gnaw so he calms down and now fighting moon creatures is all an elaborated plot to make the survivors stronger and get "Them" distracted so they can be killed in the future. Game's story will probably end up with all the survivors being sent home and Charlie staying in the constant. Not that the game will actually get any progress in the story at this pace, 7 years and they "still haven't told us yet"
  7. No thanks, i'm allergic.
  8. Webber will probably be reworked first since it's the one people cry the most about. I'm just hoping for some Wolfgang refresh. Not because he needs it but because he has nothing iconic to his character and brings zero lore to the table. Maxwell found the Codex Umbra after the whole circus incident yet all they gave Wolfgang since the game came out was "hehe he likes potatos" Wendy already had her pet yet they still gave her 9999 potions AND a building you put flowers on. Give the poor man an AOE circus hammer or something.
  9. Deluxe Campfires for the Campfire Turfed! for the kitchen turf Trash Can for the trash can Ice Maker for the ice maker Rot Machine for the rot machine Fridge with Freezer for the fridge with freezer The Gorge Stuff for the pots and Heaps of Food for the jelly beans, flour and mealing stone
  10. It's not a mistake, it's a feature, as the game keeps going Wickerbottom keeps forgetting stuff and getting more confused because of her age. You need to install the mod in which she dies of old age after a few in game years for max immersion.
  11. That's it just wanted to show you and make you jelly. Bye now.
  12. Even Lord of the Fruit Flies is a boss but Varg gets nothing. Worst part is those two don't even have a marble statue. Even Spider Queen doesn't have a marble statue, but guess who does? Varg.
  13. Is that a joke? Is literally the same artstyle and the one they advertised him with from day one, "not the same artstyle" because he's literally... tall? Cringe. See ya when Twitter tells you it's trendy to hate on trivialization of suicide so you start trying to cancel Wendy.