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  1. Hello, all. I haven't played DST for some time, and recently, I've started playing it with my sister again. We are in two different cities. When I host the server, I have no glitches, but she continues to get errors that do not allow her to join my server. But when she hosts a server, the ground textures are partially loaded and I cannot walk where they don't exist. Even worse, in some places where they do exist, my character keeps jumping about. This is especially frustrating as it limits me to a very small portion of the board (no more than 4 diamonds away from the spawning point. Other important considerations where these issues (the missing ground, the glitching character, or her unable to join my server): I have searched the net for this same issue, only to find that the provided solutions did not work. Both of us have fully updated games with no mods installed. We have both tried hosting password protected and non-password protected servers. We have tried a smaller board (sometimes none of the ground loads with these). I have rebooted my computer. I have tried uninstaling and reinstalling the game. I have tried running Steam and DST as admin (both together and both individually). I have verified the integrity of the game files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.