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  1. I've solved the problem by editing the host file. Apparently the host file only allow me to connect to an IP located in the US which is basically impossible for me to connect. I edited it so I can connect to a Chinese IP and successfully logged in. 通过修改host文件成功登陆了。可以使用host editor。
  2. 有中国朋友有类似问题吗? After opening the game, it says that and I can only access offline contents. It started 5 days ago, before that I was able to play normally. I'm using a desktop. I tried to switch to a laptop and I was able to connect using the same internet, but I failed to connect using my desktop under a different internet environment, so clearly there is something wrong with this specific desktop. I literally tried everything. I've reset my internet device, re-installed the game, reinstalled steam, moved my game to another folder, deleting game configure profiles, deleting all mods, close firewall and use a VPN, none of these worked, and the client log always show the exact same error: [MOTD] Failed To Get MOTD Info from 'https://motd.klei.com/?game=dst&platform=STEAM&locale=CN&lang=schinese&user=76561198218999057' due to 0. Retrying (2). PLZ help, I'm desperate. BTW that klei health check thing responds "OK" client_log.txt DxDiag.txt